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01-31-2010, 08:51
Looking for a primary light trying to decide between the Aguasun led or the light cannon hid has anyone tried both?

02-01-2010, 06:52
I have the Aquasun. It replaced a Light Cannon. Light Cannons are available for relativly cheap since the Aquasun came out. The Aquasun comes with a rechargable batt. That is nice with either of these lights as they both are battery munchers. I basically replaced the batteries in my Light Cannon after every two days worth of daytime diving (meaning the light was not on that much). The Aquasun is definatly a bit nicer, but the Light Cannon definatly holds it's own brightwise, when compared to the Aquasun. the AquaSun is a hair brighter. The Aquasun has no warm up time involved when you flip the switch on. The Light Cannon takes about 15 seconds to be bright when you flip the switch on. So the Light Cannon would be a very good choice, pricewise, if you are going to turn it on, and leave it on most of the time. Get a rechargable batt for the Light Cannon or bring lots of spare batts. It's a great light for the money. The Aquasun is just a bit nicer. Everyone says the Light Cannon has a delicate bulb. That may be true, but mine never had a issue being bounced around in my dive bag, or even dropped a few times. The LED bulbs of the Aquasun is supposedly much more robust to that type of situation (dropping it and no bulb worries). I think the Aquasun eats the battery life worse than the Light Cannon even with the rechargeable batt pack it comes with. I recharge it after every days diving. I tryed to get away with two days diving once, and it died on me. Might need a spare batt if you night dive. The Aquasun works great for me and my type of diving. I daytime wreck and ledge dive, while hunting for fish and lobsters, in lousy vis much of the time. It lights up the entire place big time instead of having to point it everywhere like smaller cheap lights. The Aquasun has a large light spread beam. The Light Cannon has a tighter beam that can be changed by installing the deflector it comes with. I never used the deflector on mine as the spread not that tight. But for photography the deflector would probably work great.
I'm guessing you can get a Light Cannon for maybe $100, and the Aquasun is around $300. That's what I payed about 6 months ago. Maybe they have come down since then. Both are nice lights.

02-01-2010, 19:36
thank you Grin from what you saying the Aquasun is a good choice,I have used the light cannon in lake Travis in low vis as you said a bright narrow beam,I made my decision after reading your review,thanks again.