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02-08-2010, 11:13
Hi everyone I am Ray and Cindy is my girlfriend we are in our early fifty's and we just got into scuba in October of 09. We went to Cozumel and stayed at the Iberostar and they had a dressel dive shop there.
I have been snorkeling in the past but as far as Cindy, she had not even done that , so this was all new to her. We became PADI certified and did a total of 10 dives.
Cindy was awesome at it, I would be out of air in about 35 minutes and she would have half a tank of air left. I did have some issues with the rental bcd because I have a bigger than normal shoulders and chest and a slim waist.
We had a blast doing the dives but I have to say it was a little scary at first.
I decided to purchase our own equipment and of course it came from SCUDATOYS and we are returning in march of 2010,

Now we have to learn how much weight we need with the weight integrated bcd's and how to use the computers . So we will still be in the infant learning mode for this trip but I expect everything to go smoothly.

We bought a cheap underwater 35 mm camera and tried to take some pictures but the darn thing would not advance the film if we were deeper than 35 feet, and that was something we figured out after we came home.
Cindy was disappointed that we had only a few pictures. I felt bad for her so we bought a bonica xp 5.0 and case, the only thing we need now is the strobe and macro lens for it. We hope to find these used to keep the cost down some.
I wish I could dive every week but that is what retirement will be good for

Tanks everyone

02-08-2010, 12:19
Welcome to scubatoys!
You're nearby! I'm in Hoffman Estates Illinois.
I learned to dive when I was just over 49, my wife learned just before her 50'th.
Come to Our World Underwater in Rosemont Home - Our World Underwater (http://www.ourworldunderwater.com/) . You'l find dive-travel destinations, local dive shops, local dive sites,and dive manufacturers. There is a couple of camera stores that comes every year. I bought my camera, as a previous model year, for a good discount. I've had it at 80fsw without problems.
The Illinois Council of skin and scuba divers will be there with a list of scuba clubs, that can expand your scuba diving experience.
You're in for the experience of a lifetime with scuba. :smiley20: :smiley20: :smiley20: