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09-04-2007, 06:23
I'm looking forward soon to hitting Lakes DeGray & Ouachita in South Central Arkansas. Me & my JOW have only 3/2 Brigade wetsuits & I know we'll need more than that as I've read DeGray has a serious temp drop below the thermocline at 20' or so.

I'm looking for some cost conscious & versatile thermal wear for us - doesn't have to be top-notch on durability as we will probably only make 10 to 15 dives a year local, all shallower than 60 ft for the next few years and my JOW is still growing.

My JOW daughter is 5'7 (tall for her age - long torso) & 105 and chills easy. I'm reluctant to load her up in a full 7mm if not necessary. I've also looked at some of the sizing charts & not found a good match for her height vs weight. The women's sizes for a 5'7 height seem to assume heavier &/or a larger bust. I don't want to go custom due to cost & future growth. Question is would a "farmer john" & "jacket" type affair be right for her - are they adjustable for the longer-torso type person?

I am 6'2, 200 & not as sensitive to cold - am considering a 5mil for me.

Anybody have experience with summer & particularly fall water temps on Lake DeGray or Ouachita & recommendations as to thermal protection?

Also, anybody have opinions/comments on the "farmer john" & "jacket" type suits?

09-04-2007, 21:41
Just dove Ouachita with the ScubaDillos over Labor Day weekend. First thermocline is around 25 feet. Above the thermocline, folks were comfortable with 5mm and some 3mm. Below the thermocline, 7mm were in use. We dove to 85 feet, where I wore a 7mm full with a 7mm core warmer. My dive buddy used a semi-dry for that depth.

Looking at my computer data, it shows low to mid 60's around the 40 foot level. Above the thermocline, temps are upper 70's to low 80's.

Charlotte Smith
09-04-2007, 21:53
There is a inexpensive suit that might suit you... Deepsee Quantum Stretch...I only gave around 100.00 for it and I am plenty warm! It is comfortable to boot..... I have an Excel suit that I use alot but they are 350 or so if you have them customized .....

Just make SURE you are comfortable because I get so HOT in this weather trying to get my suit on and it is EASY to don....I can only imagine a stiff suit and the frustration I would be feeling if I was trying to put on an uncomfortable suit. ST probably can help you with that...they are really good at getting you the right equiptment.

09-05-2007, 21:30
Hmmm do they do customs on the deep sea quantum stretch? My wife is going to need a wet suit.