View Full Version : DIN conversion for Aqualung Cousteau?

09-04-2007, 06:40
Help! I'm trying to convert an Aqualung Cousteau to DIN, but can't find a source for the conversion kit.

Anyone know who might have some in stock?

Also, a friend of mine has what looks like a Coustea that's enviromentally sealed. He says bought it that way.
Is this available as a conversion?

Thanks, Pete.

09-06-2007, 09:19
Find a shop that is an Aqua-Lung dealer and have them order it in as Aqua-Lung does not allow internet sales. Should take about a week. Though being you are on the otherside of the pond that might be difficult to find a local dealer. You might sending the folks at techdivinglimited.com a note as they are a dealer and may be able to arrange for the part and shipping it to you without violating Aqua-Lung's policies

As for the inviro sealing - this can be done during the servicing. Typically it involves filling the first stage camber with lube so there may or may not be a kit for this. I do not know enough about this particular reg. However, unless you are diving really cold, silty, or poluted waters it is typically not necessary.

09-10-2007, 17:23
I could be wrong but I think the online sales thing is a USA only deal if i recall correctly... which is why you can find the so called "grey market" stuff out there. (ie: it wont have a warranty)

Still, better to find a local shop with an aqualung trained staff (and more importantly, the book of stuff aqualung sells) and ask. I know they sell conversion kits for other regulators to make them enviromentally sealed, they probably have them for the Cousteau as well.

What I'm not sure is the yoke to DIN question. They sell DIN to yoke adaptors... and i'm pretty sure you can have the yoke replaced with a DIN (completely replaced, IE: it won't have yoke anymore... but you can get that din to yoke convertor), but it'd probably be best to let a dealer handle that.

I would also like to state that aqualung has a crappy site... it seems to have everything on it, but the only way you can find it is via google. the menu's don't show crap.