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02-18-2010, 10:58
Just want to say thanks for the discount you gave me on my just received Miflex hoses, I've bought a few things before at Scuba Toys and every transaction has been stellar. You have a loyal customer here. :smiley20:


Long Island Diver
02-18-2010, 16:51
Yeah Scuba Toys is great. I placed an order the other day for a hooded vest, a dive reel, and a few other things and got a call from Scuba Toys that evening saying that the reel I ordered was out of stock, but they were willing to substitute a more expensive one for the same price. It's not often you find shops that are so willing to go out of their way for the customers.

02-18-2010, 17:40
I just got my package my bc was custom made so still waiting on it. I gave them the ok at 4 to charge my card at 5 I get a call saying it was ready to go out but my bank did not like a 3200 charge from texas. I called the bank the next morning and it was my limit I asked her to raise it and she said what did I need 3200 worth of scuba stuff for.

They have been on top of everything and I even had a pack of wetsuit shampoo and cleaner in my box when I got it. Best place I ever bought anything from