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02-20-2010, 13:57
So we have had some issues in the past, that are well just that in the past. We have forged a new relationship with more divers than ever before, and our group is growing in numbers.

But yet again we have some a$$ hat divers out there that think its funny to ruin dive sites. I have heard it’s from some local shops. This really disheartens me. (if true).

I recently learned that a few of the teaching platforms have been flipped over along with the mooring cutting. So I want to thank the a$$ hats personally for yet again causing problems for their own customers \ people with the same interests. Bravo. You are Friken wonderful!!

I equate your juvenile acts to that of a bastard tagger.

So how about having some balls, and approaching your issues like an adult, sit down, discuss your perceived problems, and at least agree to disagree.

:smiley32: Again thanks for taking your fear and ignorance out on the new open water divers (and above)… because that will make for better profits and numbers in our sport…

Punk A$$

02-20-2010, 16:44
I fully support and agree with our local (LVDivers) admins. Glad we got some of the crap straightened out. And good thing I missed the most/worst of it.

02-20-2010, 17:16
I understand and fully support your disdain DMP!