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07-12-2007, 21:38
Live in PA and want to go somewhere on the inexpensive side for a long weekend. Would probably consider North Carolina, but we are newbies and I know NC is a lot of wreck diving (plus I would prefer warmer waterssmileys/smiley4.gif). So I'm thinking Florida might be the economical way to go, question is where? Considering somewhere in the Keys, but any advice would be great!

MEL-DC Diver
07-12-2007, 22:02
If you like wrecks, head to Key Largo. It is simple to get to, just fly into Miami/Ft. Lauderdale and drive a little bit. A lot of operators out there and you can check out the Speigel Grove, Duane, Bibb, etc. This trip is easy, fast, and really didn't cost all that much. I just did it in December.

MEL-DC Diver
07-12-2007, 22:07
Oh, just re-read your post. Do you have your advanced ticket? The guys down in the keys are hung up on the cert you have and don't like to take anyone out on those wrecks without the AOW. Miami/Ft. Lauderdale has some nice dives too (a lot of artificial reefs), and you wouldn't have to drive anywhere. Just the odd taxi.

07-12-2007, 22:29
We're going to get our AOW cert next month. Wasn't really clear on whether we could do wrecks with that. In that case NC, might be most cost effective. Though I have family I might be able to stay with in the Ft. Lauderdale area.

MEL-DC Diver
07-12-2007, 22:56
The wreck cert is really more about limited wreck penetration than cruising around a wreck and sticking your head in the odd port hole. The Grove is so massive that you could do a lot of diving on it before you even thought about going inside, but that opens a whole other discussion.

Frankly, and no disrespect intended, but I would put a whole lot more faith in a very experienced diver with just an open water cert than someone with 20 dives and an AOW cert which is why I just think that whole keys mindset is a bit odd. PADI AOW is basically a few dives under different circumstances with different objectives. I don't think the cert in and of itself qualifies one as advanced. But again, I digress...

On the NC vs. FL note, dollars to doughnuts the costs will likely be similar. The Outer Banks gets expensive in the summer months.

07-14-2007, 12:02
Go do a liveaboard with Gulf Diving LLC out of Freeport, TX. They go to Flower Gardens.

the gooch
07-14-2007, 14:48
Come on down to Miami, you can party on South Beach at night and dive with RJ Diving ventures out of the South Beach marina. They are probably the best op around here. Or you can take the hour drive south to Key Largo.

There are a lot of sites to dive in FL, especially Miami.

07-26-2007, 23:52
and there is also shore diving... just about an hour north of that.

07-28-2007, 18:27
Key Largo will give you a good selection of options for diving.
As mentioned there are wreck's plus excellent reef dives there.
Beginner thru advanced diving levels are available.
When looking for a wreck dive,do make sure to check to see which of the wrecks require the AOW.

07-28-2007, 19:41
Come to Ginnie Springs! October 13! Or the weekend after that! :) The 13th (12, 13, 14ths) is the weekend of the Scubaboard Florida Conch's Megadive. It's open to anyone, even STers! There'll be alot of us camping out at Ginnie Springs gett ing in multiple dives per day. No need to bring a buddy, just bring some food or rum! :) If camping ain't your thing, there are hotels nearby. It's all located in beautiful High Springs, Fl, a 20 minute drive or so from Gainesville, Fl! The weekend after the megadive, I think some people will be getting together as one SB member is flying over from Poland. I'll hopefully make both weekend myself.

Crystal clear water and you can do a river drift dive if you want. Night diving is also possible. About $30 a day to dive and $20 a night to camp.

08-08-2007, 14:08
Go do a liveaboard with Gulf Diving LLC out of Freeport, TX. They go to Flower Gardens.

The Flower Gardens are a GREAT trip BUT....they do not make the GO/NO GO decision until noon the day you leave. If you are flying in this means you could get here and not have a trip. Granted you can look at the forecast and make an educated guess but it is still a risk. It would suck to fly all the way here only to end up diving Lake Travis.

08-08-2007, 19:42
Ft. Lauderdale is a great loation to fly into. From their, you can go north and dive out of Palm Beach, or stay in Lauderdale, Miami is just south, or take the 1hr. drive into the keys.
S. Florida is the best...