View Full Version : Dive with Martin and Blue Angel

03-22-2010, 15:19
Has anyone used either of these ops. I am going for two weeks in May and the turtle package would save me a lot of money. I am concerned about the size of the boats, they are really small are they comfortable. They boast about the speed of the boats. How long are you out for a two tank dive if you leave at 730?

Has anyone used Blue Angel? How is there unlimited shore diving is there anything to see off thier area?

03-23-2010, 18:05
I have used DWM their boats are 6-8 pax plenty of room... you want the fast boats to get to the reefs quicker since a lot of the diving is south it takes 30-45 minutes in a fast boat...two tank dive should put you back between noon and 1:00 all depends on your bottom time and surface interval..

Cozumel is not known for its shore diving and after Wilma there is even less...but there is still stuff to see just not like out on the reefs....can't comment about Blue Angel since I have never used them....but they have similar style boats....they are pretty common on Cozumel..

03-23-2010, 20:45
I dove with Martin <g> and they provided excellent service. They did have fast (10-divers) boats never crowded, but I did go in the off season. That may be different during May.

Can't comment on the shore-diving!

03-24-2010, 05:23
Several guys from my old LDS talked about the Blue Angel. They said it was good...not the Ritz. Basically, a cheap way to stay in Coz and do some diving. They described it as a bed and place to stay..nothing for the family type vacationer. If you are there to dive and get in as much diving as you can it would be cheap and easy.


03-24-2010, 07:29
Blue Angel is my choice when diving in Coz. Dove with them on 3 occasions now and no complaints. They have fast boats, good DM's (as do most other dive ops in Coz) and a friendly dive shop staff.

The resort is basic, but clean, and the on site restaurant serves up some pretty good food. If you stay and dive there (instead of staying elsewhere and diving with them) you get breakfast and lunch included at their restaurant which is a good deal considering the distance to town.

Unlimited shore diving is included however after you've dove it (their shore) a few times it can lose it's luster. There are a few coral heads that if you take your time and look closely you can find some interesting things during the day. It's a really nice place for a night dive though. We've seen octopus, eels, stingrays, as well as seahorses there at night.