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04-01-2010, 12:31
Hi Folks -

I'm sitting here at the airport on Grand Cayman Island waiting for the connection flight to Little Cayman.

Looking forward to diving Little Cayman for the next 8 days.

For fun and infotainment's sake, I'm going to attempt a real-time trip report, posting every evening on the day's diving events and highlights. That is... if the Internet connectivity permits!

I hope you enjoy and stay tuned!


04-01-2010, 13:09
Sounds good where are you staying on LC?

04-02-2010, 14:28
We want reports on Bloody Bay Wall? What did you see?

04-02-2010, 17:24

We got into Little Cayman yesterday at about 4pm. The flight from Grand Cayman to Little Cayman is about 35 minutes in an Otter twin engine prop plane. The airport, which also doubles as the fire department, post office, and town hall, is a whitewashed large shed at the end of the blacktop runway.

So, as soon as you land, you know you've left the rest of the world behind. Little Cayman is pretty much a 10 mile long by 1 mile wide sandbar dotted with palm trees and shrubs. No real elevation to speak of. The year-round population is about 150 people, from what I can tell, consisting mostly of expats that wanted a little slice of paradise, and weren't afraid to "rough it" on a rather remote island to get a good deal. There is one paved little road that loops around 1/2 of the island, but that's it.

We're staying at the Little Cayman Beach Resort, which is one of only a handful of hotels on the island.

We've been pleasantly surprised by the accommodation... and quite frankly, we feel a little under dressed!

My husband and I lived overseas for 7 years and most of our dive experience has been in the Pacific and Red Sea where the dive culture is pretty much "come as you are." Our diving attire consists mostly of homely shorts, chosen less for fashion and more for their ability to wick away sea water, and a bevy of dive shirts that have clearly spent too much time tied to a knot hole in a boat and flapping in the wind to dry.

Our fellow divers at the Little Cayman Beach Resort certainly look a bit more put together than us. While certainly "beach attire," most people here have matching clothes and recently combed hair. This is certainly a step above our usual approach.

I think this speaks to the fact that staying on Little Cayman is a bit more expensive. The backpacker and "beer and beach" dive crowd is probably back on Grand Cayman. Age range here is about mid 30s to mid 50s.

So about the resort: Its a great little independent joint and rooms are comfortable, pleasant, and recently redecorated. For an "all inclusive" dive resort, we've also been pretty impressed by the food -- abundant and tasty. Also a very nice cabana bar near the pool for socializing.

But don't come here expecting to do anything but dive and relax. There is no town, no nightclubs, no beach volleyball net, etc. Just you, the sea, the sand and fleet of dive boats parked 100 meters away at the resort-side dock.

It's great already and I'm looking forward to the diving!

04-03-2010, 17:42
Dive day 1 brought scattered sunshine, but strong winds and somewhat choppy seas.

The Little Cayman Beach Resort is located on the southwest side of the island (as are most accommodations). Bloody Bay wall, and the best dive spots in general, are located on the northwest side, requiring a sail around the tip of the island.

The winds were too strong to make it around the tip of the turf, so we headed to a few spots on the more sheltered southern side.

Note: The dive staff said that around easter time, when the seasons are changing, the winds can be unpredictable and sometimes unfavourable, like today.

We dived the follow spots: Richard's Reef, Grundy's Garden, and Uncle Lucky's Reef.

All the spots were pretty similar. A small drop off towards the shore, with coral and rock fingers extending in the sand towards the sea. At Uncle Lucky's you moored near a main seaward wall that had some depth to it, and the coral fingers extended backward to shore.

All of the sites had plenty of colourful grunts, snappers, and groupers.. and the groupers are pretty amazing -- Huge and very docile.

At Grundy's Garden we saw 3 eagle rays cruising the coral/rock bommies, saw a small pipefish, some beautiful French Angles, and wonderful little tobies. At Uncle Lucky's we ran into a couple of turtles and a few barracuda. In all locations, the Conch are huge and really heavy (couldn't resist peeking under one to see the snaily thing).

One of my favourite fish, for some strange reason, is squirrelfish. I'm happy to report that there are plenty to see in and around the island. They're everywhere, especially hanging out with yellow and blue grunts.

So, overall -- it wasn't a bad day diving, even if we had to stay on the less exciting side of the island.

Hoping the wind will clear up so we can get to the other side.

04-03-2010, 22:41
I've stayed at Little Cayman a couple of years ago and thought it was a great place...Hope the winds calm down for you.

04-04-2010, 16:21
So, overall -- it wasn't a bad day diving, even if we had to stay on the less exciting side of the island.
I'd consider it a stroke of luck in a way - they hardly ever dive that side of the island because everyone wants to go to Bloody Bay.

04-09-2010, 09:53
It seems that your "real-time trip report" ran out of gas after the first day.

05-03-2010, 15:39
But we'll gladly take a post-trip trip report! Little Cayman is high on my list, maybe as early as this summer. So a trip report would be much appreciated.

-- Larry B.

05-03-2010, 16:12
??? Where's the rest of the days??? I was looking at LCBR for this years trip but Senor Wallet said Cozumel was all I could do.