View Full Version : Watching the news about plastics in the ocean

04-13-2010, 21:51
this guy is talking (not very well) about the effects of little fish eating plastic. Did the trolling net thing (800 meters, diagonally to surface), guess what, the fish they autopsied, had little to no plastics in them.

It's the turtles, and other jellyfish eaters that eat plastic and balloons, we know this.

They then proceeded to pull the plastics out, and showed all the little life that would normally be inhabiting the natural sargassom(sp?) sea floats. And doing quite well, on these.

Don't know the answer, other than stop dumping plastics, but there was alot of dead creatures being shown, in the name of (new?) research. They didn't even dump the dead bodies (by- catch) back to the sea, they garbage bagged them.

06-16-2010, 14:25
Plastic waste is a very large and complex problem. Recycling all types of plastics from disposable items is an ideal that few recyclers are willing to live up to. In theory, anything plastic can be recycled, but some items are easier and/or less energy intensive to recycle than others. Thus, not everything you put in the recycling bin actually gets recycled.

I think consumers must demand that most disposable items be made of easily biodegradable materials and also be willing to pay a little more for them, at least in the short term. I, for one, would happily pay a 15 more for a biodegradable cup of tea over a plastic one that'll persist in marine sediment for centuries.

Also, using reusable bags, containers, etc. is a very good idea. For thousands of years humans carried stuff in reusable containers (duh). And now, bizarrely, it seems one-time-use bags, cups, etc. derived from petroleum and forests have become the standard means of containing our stuff. Weird.

I keep a reusable shopping bag in my car and I plan on keeping a stainless steel beverage cup in the car as well. I can't imagine most fast food restaurants would refuse to sell me a beverage if I insist on using my own container.

If using reusable containers became the dominant cultural trend, a massive amount of plastic waste would be prevented from fouling the oceans.