View Full Version : wanted - Dive team

Gavin (saffa)
04-22-2010, 13:34
hi All, I'm Gavin from Port Elizabeth, South Africa..im an instructor who has over 3000 dives and PLENTY of deep dive experience.. I looking to put together a team to do some deep exploration around the Port Elizabeth area to depths beyond 60 m.. there arent many of you out there.. who wants to join me..?

Scuba Pete
04-23-2010, 07:40
There are not many people on this forum that would be up to do that. This forum is mainly a recreational forum. There are people that would be able to do those kinds of dives here but they are in the minority. You would be better off going over to The Deco Stop (http://www.thedecostop.com) and posting there. A word of advise. Be kind over there they are a little more rough around the edges.