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04-24-2010, 08:57
Iím looking to purchase a couple of new tanks for side mounting since my HP X7-100 that I currently own are a little to negative for my normal diving. I'm diving a Oxycheq Recon with 15" bungees, DiveRite choker system and I normally dive 5mil in the summer and Pinnacle Black Ice dry suit for cold water. What kind of tanks should I be looking for, negative like a LP77/LP85 or something natural like AL72 or something positive like an AL80? Is it best to use a neutral tank and add weight to the BC or is better to use a negitive tank with minimal weight to the BC? If you use a positive tank like an AL80 would you add weight to the tank to offset the buoyancy when empty than additional weight to the BC? Just trying to find the right combination of tanks, weight and buoyancy characteristic.

04-24-2010, 10:06
FWIW, I am getting ready to take a sidemount class and got this from my instructor. The Recon and Nomad have the lift for the steel tanks so from a tank bouyancy perspective that would be my option if I had a Recon purchased and dove dry. I dive about the same exposure as you do, 5mil full in peak summer then dry the rest of the time (local lake). I will be using a pair of 80s for the class since I already own a few and only a single x7-100. They obviously are the most common option when traveling and choose to SM and I wouldn't have to make any adjustments to my setup. I will be adding some ballast to them to play close to neutral.

04-25-2010, 07:58
Having just got back from N FL and doing some sidemount diving and tweaking the rigs - here is what I dive and my wife:

Me - Drysuit with Nomad - Steel LP 85's and (2) 2lb weights on my waist belt. My current light it but mounted but I need to replace it (light cord length)

Wife - Drysuit with Nomad - Steel 72's with a 2lb weight on each tank. Also - (2) 4lb weights on the waist belt

05-09-2010, 16:21
I just got my LP85. It came down to getting good fills, little less negative than the HP100 I currently own, and probably be easier to sell than the LP77. Planning on try them out this weekend. Now to work on weighting at rigging of the tanks. Also with the new safety valves.