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05-16-2010, 13:01
last year I bought an Areis Elite with a transmitter (from scubatoys), the computer froze up after 1 dive I took it backand was was upgraded to the Aeris Epic (no extra charge:smiley20:) kept the same transmitter. I have a trip coming up in a few days and noticed my Epic has a low battery:smiley21:. I am ordering the battery and saw it comes in a kit (1 for the computer and 1 for the transmitter). Now can the transmitter battery for the Epic work for the Elite transmitter? Already have to battery removal tool for Epic.

05-16-2010, 14:50
According to the Aeris website it appears the Epic and Elite transmitters take the same battery.

DiveAeris.com - Scuba Gear, Scuba Equipment and Dive Gear (http://www.diveaeris.com/rcProd1.asp?id=26&c1=3)

Actually, that's the same battery that my wife's old Oceanic VT Pro and her and my current Oceanic Atom 2.0's take as well. I'd suspect the transmitters are the same for all of the Oceanic and Aeris lines of wireless computers and therefore the batteries should be one and the same.