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06-02-2010, 21:29
We arrived at the dock at 5:30 and by the time everyone was rounded up and gear was loaded, on the M/V Blue Fin, we departed around 6:00am. The group consisted of Capt. Monty, the best deck hand Travis, Tom, Mike, Cody and several other fisherman. We had 1-2 footers on the way out and on the 50' boat it was very comfortable. We arrived at approx. 10am and the 6 fisherman started fishing. Their target fish was AJ's and they started pulling in 1 after another. The AJ's probably averaged around 30-40 lbs. Tom and Mike had a competition to see who could get more than the record of 6 AJ's. I think they ended up tying by the end of the trip. Phil, Cody and I geared up and hopped in. The viz was around 100' and we stayed down for around 30 minutes and ended up shooting a Ling and 3 Mangrove Snapper. We boarded the boat and pulled out to go to another area. We stopped and decided to hit a wreck, getting 1 or 2 AJ's on rod and reel. Our next dive was shorter but just as good, Phil shot a 40+ lb AJ and I missed 2 large Grouper and ended up shooting a few Mangroves. The viz had decreased a little to around 80'-90'. Cody took some good video and pictures of Phil wrestling his AJ. We changed locations and everyone started fishing. After catching an AJ and a little shorter interval we were ready for our next dive. Phil decided to sit out this one out and Cody hopped in to video and take some pictures of us. We had a bunch of sharks on this dive but they were pretty small averaging around 4 foot. I only shot 1 fish but it was a big Cubera. Underwater I thought it was only a little bigger than my record Snapper and figured it weighed around 30 lbs. Once we surfaced it was apparent it was bigger. We headed back to the dock and arrived at around 6:45 or 7. We weighed the Cubera and he tipped the scales at 47 lbs. We had an awesome day catching our limit of AJ's and shooting 1 Ling, 1 AJ, 1 Cubera Snapper and 7 Mangrove Snapper. Capt. Monty and Travis knew how to not only get us out and back safely but also find the fish! Mike, Tom and the rest of the fishermen were really good guys and the M/V Blue Fin ran excellent and was bulletproof! Thanks for a FUN trip!

06-08-2010, 00:57
Great pics!