View Full Version : Trip report, fishing season is on as well!

06-04-2010, 09:22
Had a great trip to Cozumel, outside of the diving the weather was great for this time of year. Nice breeze and not super hot! Also my DM likes to take us fishing during surface interval and on the way back to the marina as well. No marlin this trip, but action from Tuna and Mahi Mahi...fun way to spend the interval and eat lunch.

First trip taking pics, will load those later. Bought the olympus fe-360 and housing for 179.99 and it does exactly what I need. Was impressed with it for the money.

Lots of wildlife as usually, eagle rays, sharks, turtles (one super huge turtle), tons of fish. A bunch of larger barracuda and also saw some mackeral. The only down side was Punta Sur Devil's Throat lacked visibility due to currents, so I did not get to dive it this time. Next time I won't wait until the last day. However Columbia was clearer than normal and the 80 foot corral heads and color was amazing. I am learning more of the swim through areas and really enjoyed the longer one on Cedar Pass. Palancar Caves is always a treat as well, along with some of the deep ones on Columbia.

A large eagle ray decided to swim with us for a good amount of time, sometimes following other times leading. Was a nice way to end the dive.

Our DM allows you to dive until you are out of air so most dives were 50 minutes on deeper dives, hour plus on the shallower dives. Water was warm around 81-83 most of the time even at 130 or so. I did find on some dives a thermal cline of colder water at times. That really woke you up. I pretty much dive a rash guard and shorts for all dives there.

Great food, no crowds, even found a bar that was showing the mighty BlackHawks in the Stanley Cup. All around a great trip and I will be back sometime soon...BR

06-04-2010, 19:32
Thanks brutha snow. We'll be leavin' Sunday