View Full Version : horizon divers in key largo!!!

06-13-2010, 07:21
you can not find a better group anywhere than at horizon divers in key largo:smiley20: just got home late last night from diving 4 days with them and there are not enough expurlatives to describe them-dan dawson(owner, instructor & all around great guy) went way above & beyond to make my dives & class(more on that in trip report after my log book returns via ups with gear) a great time-i can't remember everyone's name but troy, stephanie, bob & tom(who were on the boat almost everyday) were truely concerned about your comfort & happiness level-and not to for get (an)dre, my manslave, who helped me get into and out of everything from my fins to my BIG tank(st100) and deco bottles, not to mention getting me off the bench and up the ladder when fully geared up- pre dive instructions were concise and accurate, but having fun, safe dives were the main concern-i suggest that anyone wanting to have some GREAT dives look them up-prices are in line with other shops in area but their customer service really sets them apart-can't wait to go back over xmas!!!:smiley32:

06-13-2010, 09:46
oh i feel terrible- i left the wonderfully helpful karl & camille off my list-don't know of many boats where there are almost as many instructors(some working, some just diving, some from other DOs) as there are students/recreational divers at the same time-am so sunburned i can barely stand to put clothes on-ouch!