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09-08-2007, 02:50
Looking for a way to dress up an old tank that I have. Do these so called tank skins work ok and where is the best place to find them? If I wanted to paint the tank can I do that? Thanks

09-08-2007, 12:32
See this thread:


That said they are good for a year as anyone doing a proper visual inspection would remove it.

As for painting, cylinders can be stripped and repainted. NO heat!! Many use aircraft paint stripper. I just wire brushed and repainted.

09-08-2007, 12:46
I have one that I repaint every time it goes in for Hydro. I just use a spray automotive paint

09-08-2007, 16:25
Do you paint cool designs on it? or just one solid color?

09-08-2007, 16:28
I do just one color. Also if you have an old valve put it on the tank so you don't have to worry about over spray and make sure the valve is shut off so nothing can get in the tank

09-12-2007, 20:54
just be careful with this, as if the tank appears to have been sanded or otherwise abrasively treated it is a reason to fail both the VIP and a Hydro, and can even lead to a permant XXXX on the tank serial which permantly decommisions it.