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Da Wolf
06-21-2010, 16:07
Back in 2007 my brother and I thought it would an awesome thing for him and myself to get certified for diving. After signing up, he found out he had a heart condition that prevented him from diving. I had already signed up, and continued through the training to get certified in June 2007. Due to money constraints and my brother's inablility to get certified has kept me from getting wet during the last 3 years. But here recently after years of searching and talking with doctors he FINALLY got to see and talk with a dive cardio doctor. I got a call from him several weeks or so ago stating that he has gotten the all clear and is getting his training classes. I have taken my refresher and dove this year already. And after 3 LONG years of being dry my brother will be certified in the next 3 weeks. Now him and I will FINALLY get to do what we have wanted to do for the last 3 years, Dive together as brothers.

06-21-2010, 18:16
hooray... be safe!!!