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06-23-2010, 20:07
My hubby and I are going to Coz in less than a month for our first dive trip. At home (in Dallas) I drink a ton of water, so I'm nervous about having enough safe drinking water while we're diving. Any thoughts?

06-23-2010, 20:40
while on the boats there will/ should be a ice chest with bottled water in it. I also took a bottle with me from my room in the morning, usually had that before the boat arrived, then had another before the first dive. During the surface interval I got another and a jolly rancher (it helps keep the mouth moist) at the end of the dives I got another bottle for the ride back to the dock.

Most resorts use have a water filteration system but if you still don't trust it you can buy bottled water. (the resort I stayed at gave me 2 bottles of water each day)

Have fun!

06-23-2010, 22:33
I'll drink water that morning during breakfast and have one on the way out, between dives and one on the way in. I like to have fruit on the SI also.
Have a great trip. I'll be in Coz July 21

06-24-2010, 06:24
There is a new 'MEGA' superstore on the island. It is like a Cozumel Walmart. It has everything. Stop by and load up on large bottles and refill the small ones. I also stay away from ice on the island.

Have a great trip!

06-25-2010, 09:12
As the others have said... go to Chedraui or Mega store and get large bottled water bottles for your room, plus sodas and beer if you have a room fridge. Get a smaller bottle to fill and keep with you.
Your resort may have bottled water furnished, depends on resort. We stay at SCC and they have large water coolers in each hallway, you just fill your water bottle yourself. (they also have fridge in every room so we always had cold water).

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07-09-2010, 23:51
Who are you diving with? They usually send info as to the dive trips and what is expected on board and SI features. Most dive ops have water on board and plenty of it. Also many ops have fruit for the SI and generally stop at a beach so divers can get some more goodies if they like. Hope you have a great time. And dont worry when the addiction to Coz diving happens to you we know you have strong self-esteem and dont expect any other than complete surrender to the feeling. lol. kev

07-10-2010, 19:47
If I have access to a freezer I freeze a bottle of gatoraide or other sports drink. I drink the bottled water but the frozen one stays cold for 4-5 hours in my backpack. I do this with water so I don't drink it all at once.