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06-25-2010, 01:48
Jus thot I'd drop in and say Hi! My name Is Mike Daniels and I've been a diver since 1979.
I have all US diver's gear with Steel tanks. I made my own lead weight belt with a dive weight mold. I have two types one is somwhat regular, the other one is a hip weight.
Anyway, I have dived Boat Canyon in Newport Beach,Ca.
Bird Rock in La Jolla,Ca, Middle Island,Coronado Isles,Mexico
Todos Santos Island,Mexico,Catalina Island,Ca. Dana Point Rock, Dana Point,Ca. The Train Cars off Oceanside Pier, The plane Wreck off Carlsbad Reef,Carlsbad,Ca,La Bufadora,Mexico,"The Blow Hole",Oahu,Hawaii, All the Oil Rigs in the Gulf of Mexico in 1990,Santa Rosa Island,Channel Islands,Ca.San Clemente Island,Ca.
I really love to dive and go by the USNAVY Dive Tables for multi dives. I never dive over 100 feet on air. I never dive alone.Jus keepin it safe-
All my best to you guys,Mikey AKA Anchorboy 46-