View Full Version : Moderator's Needed

07-09-2010, 00:17
Does this forum need moderators that can go back and close/lock threads - such as the for sale forums, where folks have obviously abandoned their thread.

07-09-2010, 03:52
You mean you don't still have it?

Sorry...I do think that would be a good idea, but still on some of the WTS threads it hasn't sold and the OP might not be ready to close it...then again, they could always re-up it.

07-09-2010, 04:34
See that goes along with being able to edit your own thread, be able to lower your price without bumping the thread each and everytime....Of course it is all about post count, isn't it?

07-09-2010, 04:41
Not at all.... WTS/WTB, Introduce yourself, Mans law, junior diver, Fun and Games and maybe a few other "Rooms" don't add to your post count.

07-09-2010, 10:19
man laws doesn't add to your post count? crap.

07-09-2010, 15:58
Many boards purge or auto-lock threads in the for sale section after 2-3 weeks of inactivity. I personally appreciate this since it makes searching cleaner.