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07-13-2010, 08:34
So on sunday I was invited to join my dive buddy and friend on his fathers new toy out on Lake Champlain Vermont. He had recently sold his 50+ foot behemoth to buy a 23' dual hull twin 175 ob closed cab curser. She is SWEET! We headed out into the lake and tied up to one of the Lake Champlain Underwater Historic Preserve (http://www.lcmm.org/shipwrecks_history/uhp/uhp.htm) buoy's marking the wreck site. She is sitting upright in 82' of cold dark water. Her windless, anchors, rudder, and many deadman are still in place. I dove wet, with a St72 and al19 slung pony (I dive a BP/W so it was a very east carry). viz was 15-30' (very good for the lake) and the bottom temp was 55*. I was a bit over weighted as I had not switched my belt over from diving dry the weekend before but was able to compensate easily enough. my buddy and I were right there the whole time and neither of us managed to kick up any silt (a defiant issue with this dive site) and were abele to navigate easily back to the up line. I wanted to get some skills practice in so I did my ascent to 40' (we planned to do safety stops at 40' and 15-20' just to be on the safer side) and to 15 free just using the line as a reference point. I will say that three mins. is a LONG time when you are focusing so intently on where you, what you are doing and for how long. We made it to the deck and signaled our OK's to the captain.
From start to finish this was easily my best dive skills wise, buddy wise, gear and enjoyment wise. it is really fun when it all comes together for that magical issue free dive! I will defiantly be back to dive the Sloop Island CB (http://www.lcmm.org/shipwrecks_history/uhp/si_canal_boat_z.htm) again!

I will leave you with this last parting image. Upon reaching her stern from the guide line I rose up about 10' to her gunwales and began a slow hover about 5' above her deck going from stern to bow. She was beautiful and remarkable preserved from the fresh cold water. everything was a shade of either brown, black or green, everything except a glint of white in the silt. I moved in a bit closer and noticed it was the handle of a piece of china. I carefully fanned some silt off the deck to revel a perfect tea pot still bone white after over 100 years on the bottom. It is a protected site so there I left it ( I would have left it anyway cuz I do dont take stuff from wrecks) for the next team to find. Very cool contrast to see this white pot sitting on the deck like a beacon in the sea of back.

well if you have made it this far, thanks for taking the time to read my TR.


Brian D.

07-13-2010, 09:39
That teapot is very cool. You should get a camera and take a picture next time!

07-13-2010, 13:12
ONce I get a new housing and strobe I am all over it! Should make for a nice shot actually, that is if it is still there when I get back there again.

07-16-2010, 18:25
One of my favorite wrecks on the lake, by far!