View Full Version : Dead Fish in Travis

09-09-2007, 15:14
Anybody else noticed the dead fish lying on the silt deep down in Travis? They all seem to be small (<1 inch in length) . There was a definite taste of hydrogen sulfide on todays dive so it is obvious that the water is becoming anoxic on the bottom but I have never seen dead fish like this in previous years.

Presumably it is related to the flooding and dam releases that have resulted in warm water on the bottom. If the temperature was a more normal 58 rather than the current 76 it would hold more dissolved oxygen. Has the warm water indirectly killed these fish?

09-09-2007, 21:10
We dove to 107 on Thursday and didn't notice any dead fish when we dove at Mansfield Park. We didn't taste any hydrogen sulfide either, so it may have just started or we didn't go deep enough.

10-03-2007, 22:16
Like Ron said, no dead fish but I did notice the rotten egg smell a little down around 100ffw.

O, by the way-HI!