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09-09-2007, 15:16
Hi - My wife and I were Open Water certified this past January in the Cayman Islands. We are now planning another dive trip this upcoming January and am going to be buying our own dive equipment. I am interested in streamlining as much as possible, and am considering the Oceanic Geo. Being a newer diver - I am not so sure as to why divers go with computers in the gauge vs. wrist, etc. Has anyone out there used the Oceanic Geo (or Aeris Manta) - pros/cons, likes/dislikes? Any information would be greatly appreciated!

09-10-2007, 11:21
Well, IMO your console is going to be there anyway. Even if you go air-integrated on a wrist computer, you'll likely want a manual pressure gauge on a high-pressure line. So from a 'streamlining' standpoint adding a computer and/or compass to the console vs. having them on your wrist or clipped off to your BCD on retractors is kind of a six of one, half-dozen of the other situation.

I do have a console with computer, SPG, and compass and keep it clipped cross-chest to my upper right D-ring, so in most cases I can glance down toward my chest and see it. When using the compass though, or during ascent, I unclip and have the console resting kind of over my forearms with my forearms in "Genie pose" or something similar for streamlining. That said, it would probably be just as easy to use a wrist-mount. I do wear a dive watch as my backup timer, which I often turn to the inside of my wrist so while holding the console in one hand I can see both.

My wife's computer just flooded (thanks to me - another story) so I'm looking at buying her a wrist-mount replacement. She rented one on our last liveaboard after the flood and found she really liked it better than the one on the console. Going without air-integration, however, so the console SPG will still be present.

Bottom line - IMO its a matter of preference. I don't see any reason to think one is 'better' than the other. If you go air-integrated on the computer, then the console can be had a bit cheaper since that doesn't automatically imply you need a wireless link and transmitter on the regulator first-stage. But otherwise, either one can be as big/little as you want in terms of display size, etc. I'd say nail down the features you personally "must" have like Nitrox-capable, backlighting type, display preferences, selection of underwater modes, etc, and then choose from console vs. wrist based on the ones that fall out after that.

09-10-2007, 16:31
I always work on the principle of going to the one or two levels above where you think you need to be.

I looked at the Geo initially when looking to replace my old console Comp. and ended up with the Atom 2.0 with Air Integration.

I also then went out and took the Nitrox course to justify it in my mind.

But I agree with rtrski in that whatever you have you will always appreciate the back up of analogue instruments in your console.

It sounds mad but get slightly more than you need now to prevent the Scuba Syndrome of buy sell upgrade repeat!

09-10-2007, 20:03
The Geo is basically a designed wristwatch version of the Veo250. My wife and I have the Veo250's in a console and like them a lot. Simple to use. It's a matter of taste whether you prefer the computer on your wrist or on a console. There are good arguments for each location, IMHO. I would prefer the wristwatch version, but have deferred to the utility of having compass, computer and SPG all in one place on the console.

Bring the Payne
09-16-2007, 18:29
It is completely up to you. Personally, I like the wrist mount simply because I find it easier to look at.

09-16-2007, 19:54
I use a wrist mount computer and a set of gauges as a backup-Do whatever you feel comfortable diving with...Its your rig.