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07-15-2010, 21:28
I just wanted to thank Jordan and the rest of the crew at Scuba Toys. I placed my order online and apparently they were out of the color mask I ordered. Jordan called me to let me know, I changed the color and had my order the next day.

If I had ordered from most internet sales companies, I would have gotten a surprise when my order arrived and my mask was back ordered or they would have delayed the entire order. The ST crew took the extra effort to follow up and I will be able to use everything this weekend.

That's customer service!

07-16-2010, 05:37
Since my wife has decided to move forward with her certification, I have gotten to know Jordon very well. I have talked to him several times in the last couple weeks. He's called me a couple times, "Hey Steve, it's me again, Jordon". I feel like I have a new friend.

Customer Service: Top Notch, Hit a home run out of the park....again.

1) Ordered a new wetsuit for myself. It was a discontinued version and got a call from Jordon saying they messed up and the size I ordered is not available and because it is a discontinued item they can't get it. HOWEVER, they are going to order me a 2010 version of the wetsuit from the manufacturer at the same price. (Holy Cow.....way over the top in my opinion)

2) Got a call, again from Jordon, on another order. I had ordered a generic lens guard for my computer. I couldn't find the manufacturers lens guard on the website. Jordon calls me and says, "I'm looking at your order and don't you want the manufacturers lens guard instead of the generic? I have one and will send that to you instead if you want it". (Once again, they anticipate my wants and take the time to call me.....I would say most other places would have just threw in the generic and been done with it)

Setting my wife up with new gear has been a little expensive, but ScubaToys has helped me out considerably and taken the edge off spending the money with the great customer service. I would have to say they far exceed the term "customer service" because this is what you expect from everybody. ScubaToys provides "Customer Excellence". They definately are a notch above everybody else.


07-16-2010, 06:01
Yes, but think how expensive it would be without Scuba Toys? :smiley20: