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scuba dad
07-17-2010, 14:21
Hi every one, I'm new here.
I'm from Indiana, and we do alot of cold diving up this way, but things have warmed up recently.
Trying to find my way around on this new site.
Hope to hear about some good diving adventures.

Diver Kat
07-17-2010, 14:24
Welcome to the Pool SD!! Lots of fun people and crazy info ..... wait - make that lots of crazy people and fun info around here!! :smiley2: I think you'll have a good time!:smiley36:

07-17-2010, 14:42

07-17-2010, 14:55

Do you know another diver on this forum "Bigman241"?

He is from Indiana as well...........

scuba dad
07-17-2010, 15:20
This is actualy my first day here, I might know of him, I'll need to do some looking into him.
I dive with a team called CIA Centeral Indiana Aqautics

07-17-2010, 19:43
Scuba Dad's a spook!!!!??? :smiley36:

Welcome aboard. Lot's of great folks and one old curmuddgeon! :smiley20:

07-18-2010, 08:41
Welcome to the funny farm and it is good to see one more person crazy like the rest of us. You will get see a part of the world only a privilidged bunch gets to see.
Have fun and be safe!! :smiley20: