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scuba Widow
09-09-2007, 20:28
As a mother and grandmother I can not begin to understand this story:

This happened in my hometown in Florida and was reported by the Orlando Sentinel 09/04/07.

A toddler died Tuesday after being left unattended in a car parked at Ocoee City Hall, police said.

Details were limited but police said that the child's mother, a city worker, was supposed to take her 22-month-old daughter to a day care on her way to work. The child's father normally takes the child to day care, but he was out of town.

When the mother returned to her vehicle from City Hall, she found her daughter passed out in her child seat, police said. She brought the child into the building, where co-workers helped cool the girl and called for emergency help.

The child was pronounced dead at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in Orlando. Police did not release the identities of those involved.

Keep in mind that no charges have been filed in this case, in which I don't understand. Also keep in mind that Florida just passed a law on 07/01/07 that if you leave a child under the age of 6 in a car without the engine running for more than 15 minutes you can be charged with a second degree misdemeanor.

This child had been in the car from 9 a.m. to about 1 p.m. in the Florida heat. Every report that I have read on this story states that it wasn't in her routine to have the child let alone to take her to daycare, but as a mother I cannot imagine forgetting my child,even if my routine has changed and my day is extremely busy.

Then to add insult to this story I saw another story give tips on how not to forget your child in the backseat of the car. I am going to add them here for you:

1. Put your briefcase in the backseat next to your child.
2. Put your cell phone in the backseat.
3. Put your lunchbox in the backseat.
4. Put a stuffed animal in the carseat when you child isn't there, when your child is in the seat put the stuffed animal in the front seat next to you.
5. And above all write baby on a sticky note and put it on your dash.

I know that losing a child is a tragedy, but we as a country need to plead with the lawmakers of our states to make laws tougher for things like this, and to stop chalking it up to an accident. If you are careless enough to forget your child in the backseat of the car, maybe you shouldn't be a parent. Don't get me wrong, my heart does goes out to the family of the precious little girl, but this woman needs to be held accountable for the "accident".

09-09-2007, 20:35
I totally agree with you Widow...as a parent, i cannot even begin to comprehend how something so precious could be overlooked! there really should be stricter laws for this kind of thing.... "being forgetful" is a great excuse for being late for work or not returning a call but NOT for endangering another life! ESPECIALLY the life of your own child!

09-09-2007, 21:51
I don't understand either, we have had a couple similar events in Iowa.

Charlotte Smith
09-09-2007, 21:54
I can NOT imagine having to use any of those tips! Unbelievable!

09-09-2007, 21:56
I was in StLouis the week of Aug20, while out there a child died when left in the car by both parents. Both were health care workers she was a doctor. They both thought the other was bringing the child to day care.

09-09-2007, 22:07
I'm a parent, and I just don't understand. My heart goes out to that poor little girl, and the family as well. Does it seem like these kinds of events are happening more often, or are they simply getting more media attention? Regardless, there needs to be tough laws in place, and they need to be enforced for these incidents. Forgetting is NOT an excuse - there simply is none.

09-09-2007, 23:32
I'm not a parent (nor can be) and even *I* don't get how people forget their children. I have seen the bond a good mother (and father!) has with their babies.. I don't see how that could be "forgotten" like that.

09-10-2007, 07:34
Sometimes I think you should have to take a test to have children...you need a liscense to fish. Just yesterday (Sunday 9/9) two women attacked an elderly woman and stole her purse. One lady had her infant with her and left her 17 month home alone during the attack.


Everytime I see a story like these where children are neglected I can't help but feel awful. People are too careless with the most important thing they will ever take care of.

Background info-I am a father of two boys now 7 and 5...Since day one I have been home with them during the day and work in the evening. I was Mr. Mom from 6:30 am until 2pm when I go to work. My wife takes over whene I leave-She workd as a special ed teacher so I have heard more than my share of neglected kids.

Capt Hook
09-10-2007, 08:01
This happens a lot in Florida, just can't understand how you can forget you left a child anywhere!