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08-02-2010, 13:59
Hi everyone,
Sorry if this was already posted. I am looking to plan a dive vacation in may in the caymans. Not quite sure where would be the best place to go. We want to get in at least 3 dives a day. No so interested in nightlife, but like to go out to restaurants to eat. I know that each of the islands has a different feel. We are looking at LCBR on LC or the compass point on GC.
Any suggestions on which way to go? What about the dives. Which are better? Which dive operations are recommended. We don't like cattle boats and love good service.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

08-02-2010, 17:18
I haven't been to Brac but I have stayed at Compass point and Little Cayman Beach Resort. What you consider best is probably different from what I would select. However, if you insist on going out for dinner, then LCBR is probably not a good choice since most people take all of their meals at the resort . Whichever you select, I recommend using the on site dive op. Neither one are cattle boats and will provide good service but, I don't know what ooh service is.

08-02-2010, 18:03
Thank you gee. I meant to say good service. My fat fingers can't type. What is your opinion on either of those places. We are going to dive mostly.

08-02-2010, 22:03
Ha Ha! Thant's funny! Both provide good service. Overall, I find that Little Cayman Beach Resort and Reef Divers provides a very relaxing dive trip. My days there go like this: I have breakfast, make two dives, come back to the resort for lunch, do an afternoon dive, come back to the resort, rinse & store gear, shower, have a nice dinner. relax & swap lies with some new friends, download pictures, get a good nights sleep, repeat.
Thank you gee. I meant to say good service. My fat fingers can't type. What is your opinion on either of those places. We are going to dive mostly.

08-05-2010, 19:13
Hey BostonDiveGirl!

Maybe I can help. I live on the Brac. Came to the Caymans over 30 years ago, ended up visiting/diving on Cayman Brac, left Florida soon after and never looked back. I am blessed to have lived a Jimmy Buffet laid-back life since.

While the answer depends on what you are looking for, if you don't need a heavy dose of high-zoot nightlife and you want to go to a place where rush hour consists of two cars at the stop sign outside of my office (no traffic lights here), and you like the idea of somewhere where personal safety is not an issue, and you want an island that feels like you are in the Caribbean and not a suburb or Florida and you are seeking a place where the diving is simply awesome - then like Goldilocks final choice: Cayman Brac is "just right"!

Here, you will find an unspoiled 20 square-mile island with super-friendly people, NO crowds and some SERIOUS diving and serious divers. The resort restaurants offer great food, as do the local places where you can sample "home-style" Caymanian cooking.

The big plus of Cayman Brac is that you get to dive two islands: Cayman Brac's "Reef Divers" dive operation does boat trips to Little Cayman too!

I say, and mean every word of it (above and below the surface): "The worst day on Cayman Brac is better than the best day any place else in the world I have been - and that's a lot of places!"

While you are here, catch my hoppin' karaoke and dance party for some fun Cayman Brac style nightlife and entertainment! *grin*

If you have any other questions, let me know: I've been here long enough to have all the answers! LOL

See ya on the Brac!
"It's another day in Paradise!"

08-09-2010, 08:46
If going out to a variety of restaurants is really important to you, you won't find that on Little Cayman. There is really only one independent restaurant. While it's possible to make arrangements to eat at the other resorts I don't think people do it much. It just works best for most resort guests to get the meal plan and be done with it - if you go there you'll soon understand. On the other hand, if you'd be happy with pretty good food that you can just stroll to a few steps from the bar, and a change from the constant "where should we eat tonight" decisions there's much to be said for it. We love to eat out too but I'm perfectly content eating at LCBR and I suspect the same would be true of the other small resorts there. (Pirates Point is noted for it's food, but they only do 2 dives a day, though they may be long ones if you're good on air.)

Compass Point is a great place to stay and dive, it's my favorite diving in the CI. But your restaurant choices are limited there. There are lots of good restaurants to eat at on Grand Cayman, but the majority of them are near 7 mile beach, downtown, or generally on the western end of the island. There are certainly some restaurants closer to East End, but not that many and you may find yourself driving a fair distance to check out different restaurants. Since you'll be in a condo, I suggest getting groceries and eating breakfast and most lunches in, it works out much better timewise with diving anyway. Then head out after the afternoon dive (or the morning dives if you're not diving that afternoon) to one of the closer restaurants, or back towards the West End, or out to Rum Point and do some exploring while you're at it.

I'm partial to Cobalt Coast especially when it comes to the food thing. While the restaurant at Cobalt Coast is pretty good, the nice thing is that while it's in a quiet area away from the 7 Mile Zoo, its' not a long drive to tons of great restaurants, and shopping if you want. It's a very nice little dive resort to stay at, probably nicer than most dive resorts though the diving is not always quite as as convenient. (e.g. while they have a dock, conditions don't allow the dive boats to leave directly from there very often. DiveTech is on site and is a great op but it's not their style to do the valet diving thing like OF. And shore diving can get blown out at that site especially in winter - but it's one of the few hotels on Grand Cayman where on-site shore diving is even an option.)

I haven't stayed on the Brac so can't comment on restaurants. I will say people on the Brac always seem to be wanting to do trips to LC to dive, that's why they run them. People on LC aren't usually dying to get over to the Brac. LCBR used to head to Brac once a week to dive the Tibbetts and do a few other dives, but they don't seem to bother much anymore, apparently there isn't the interest. I really liked the dives (maybe all of 6) I've done on the Brac. But one of the claims to fame on LC is the wall starts much shallower, so that's something to consider for some people.

As far as Dive ops - if you are staying at Compass Point it would not make sense to dive any place else than right there with Ocean Frontiers. The only other choice on the East End is the shop at Morritts, which most people do not think is near as good plus you'd have to go out of your way to use it. If you are staying at any of the resorts on Little Cayman, it makes no sense to do anything other than use the onsite op. If you are staying at Cobalt Coast, DiveTech is great and makes the most sense, though I suppose you could consider other ops if they offered something else you really wanted.

08-11-2010, 06:30
thank you all for the information. I don't think GC is the way to go for us. we really like the caribbean feel and not south florida as Mark said. Now the choice is CB or LC. At least we have a while before we need to make plans.