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08-02-2010, 15:20
Wifey and I dove St. Ignace over the weekend. Report as follows:


Docked the boat in the St. Ignace Marina. First time with these guys and it was a pleasant experience. Stayed both Friday and Saturday nights. Showers were clean, it was quiet during the nights and close to downtown. Staff was very friendly.

Diving on Saturday:

Weather turned out to be piss poor with a strong S.W. wind. This somewhat dictated our options with us first heading to the Ward (stern). Started our dive by penetrating the interior around the boiler and finished with just floating off the stern soaking in the beauty of the wreck. Visibility was good at around 70' (or so) with no current.

Second dive was the Sandusky. To me, this wreck gets worse every year since it seems the algae is taking over everything. It seems to flow off the wreck in chunks and limits your view. Maybe it's not getting worse and it's just an impression but I'm sticking with it. There was a slight current on the wreck with minimal at the the surface. Best part was sitting at the safety stop watching the rain shower take place on the surface. Another beauty moment.

Sunday diving:

Flat calm and we decided on the Young as our first dive. Pretty good current on the surface and we were barely able to keep ahead of it. Once we dropped below the thermal-cline, the current vanished with about 80' of vis. Best part to me is the broken bow. This makes for lazy man penetration.

Second dive of the day was the Cedarville (bow). We were fully geared up for penetration diving on this one but only went in a couple rooms. We just spent so much time looking at each pipe and lever that further exploration was going to have to wait until future dives.


Vis was good with the exception of the Sandusky which always seems the worse when I'm around. Currents were minimal with the exception of the surface on the Young. Surface temps ranged from 69 to 70 degrees with bottom temps from 39 to 41 degrees depending upon the wreck (Young was the coldest). On many occasions, other dive boats were on the wrecks and everyone was polite.


scuba dad
08-04-2010, 18:04
Sounds like you had a good time. We dove these wrecks a couple yrs. ago. The weather was ideal. For those who haven't been here you should give it a go.