View Full Version : Inflatable v. Kayak?

09-10-2007, 17:36
I have read through a couple of the threads on kayak diving, and must say I am impressed!

My sweetheart and I had been looking to purchase an inflatable boat (like a Zodiac sort of thing) for use on the lakes in our area where the shore diving is OK, but the neater dive spots are much too far to swim to. We liked the idea of an inflatable because we could transport it in the bed of his pick-up truck, and still be able to bring along our camping trailer too.

I am wondering, for the investment, would considering a pair of kayaks be a comparable option? Can these be transported in the bed of truck (with appropriate racks of some sort)? How would they compare in price to a small, rigid bottom inflatable?

Please educate me!


09-10-2007, 23:46
I have a 14' inflatable & 2 kayaks.
In five years the inflatable has gone diving once.
The kayaks go out every couple of weeks.
I'll be selling the inflatable shortly.

We put the yaks on bed/roof rack on my wifes pickup,
or in the bed of my work truck.
They store and transport easier, cost less & are not prone to punctures.

I'm much happier with the yaks.


09-11-2007, 01:01
Everyone I have talked to with an inflatable has a love/hate relationship with them.

They'll do if there is absolutely no alternative, for whatever reason, but if the rigid hull 'yaks are at all an option, don't bother with the inflatables... they're far too much hassle.

09-11-2007, 13:18
The last kayak I sold (after maybe a year or two) fetched me the same price I bought it for. As I bought and sold kayaks, trying this or that one for awhile (loved them all, just was curious), I never had to worry about taking much of a hit off the purchase price. I don't know anyone with an inflatable who isn't frustrated with it...and all thought they seemed like a good idea at first...and then couldn't get rid of them. Just my .02