View Full Version : Oronogo 8/22/10

08-22-2010, 21:44
Made a couple dives at Oronogo today working on some gear tweaks and helping a buddy break in a new Luna dive computer.

Max depth was 130ish (you can hover a few feet over the computer desk right now at 130) and vis was about 15' below the hazy layer at about 70'. Typical conditions for August, water is down where you can walk out to the dock. Buddie's Luna was a little conservative for my tastes but nice. We just barely nudged it into a deco profile.

Fairly quiet Sunday, but there were some other divers from Kansas that I hadn't ever met and a group of divers from the Oklahoma City area. LDS also had a part two class there that I helped finish up.

Oh...and if anyone's interested I have an Halcyon 6lb SS backplate ($75) and a Halcyon 55lb Explorer doubles wing ($200) that I'm getting rid of. Both are about 3 yrs old. No harness on the plate. Wing is in great shape. If I don't have any local takers I will put in up in the used gear section later.


09-06-2010, 22:59
Call me I may want your gear;)

09-07-2010, 09:49
Call me I may want your gear;)

I won't touch that ;)

So how did you like the Blue Hole???