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09-05-2010, 16:09
It is time for a new regulator.

I'm intrigued by the Poseidon regs.

Pros and cons?

09-05-2010, 16:59
I use a DR Jetstream. Side exhaust...no up or down if donating. No special hose required. Rebuild kits available? Reasonable maintenance interval. Special large bore mouthpiece required.

09-05-2010, 22:10
I have been looking at the Poseidon regs. All the people I've talk to who have been diving Poseidon regs for 20+ years have nothing but praise for them. Reading reviews (people evaluating them based on use and evaluating them using machines to measure performance) they rank up there as some of the finest regs you can get. On a scale of 1 to 10 they are usually ranked 9.9. This is the upside.

I tried to find a dealer who sold them in my area and started finding why NO ONE in my area uses them. First, they costs double the next best reg. Most people couldn't tell the difference between a 9.8 and a 9.9 reg. So why would you pay double the cost? Next problem, the seat in the first stage had issues and wore out prematurely. Next problem, you need a special hose from the first stage to the second stage and it is not cheap. Another problem in my area, no one sell them so getting them serviced was next to impossible.

That was two years ago. After further investigation this year I found out Poseidon has lowered the price of their regs. Rather than double the price they are now more like 10% more. Better but not great. Next, they solved the issue with the seat in the first stage. Next, you no longer require a special hose. You can now use any hose (including Miflex).

The only remaining issue with Poseidon is the lack of people selling and servicing it. If your area has a Poseidon service centre, that won't be a problem for you.


P.S. I rented one on my last dive trip. It was sweet.

09-05-2010, 23:24
Cool. Thank you.

09-06-2010, 00:00
I use them religously on my doubles. Other than taking care when you turn them on, I have nothing but good things to say about them. It takes a little getting used to having the exhaust beside your face, but it is easy to ignore. Though a little pricey, they are great regs IMO

09-06-2010, 08:55
Oh yes, I forgot about those two points. When you turn on the air you need to turn it on quickly and full or the regs will free flow until you do. Took me a few seconds to get used to. Turned on the cylinder, regs started freeflowing. Tried to make them stop. Remembered what the shop told me, continued turning on the cylinder. Regs stopped free flowing.

Just a slight tilt of my head the exhaust out the side didn't bother me at all.

Navy, the price thing isn't really that big anymore. You can get regs for $200 to $300 but if you look at regs that are rated for beyond recreational limits and breath any where near as nice as the Poseidon they are in the $400 to $600 price range. You can get a set of Cyklon 5000 for $500 or a Jetstream for $575. Personally, if it comes to paying $75 more for Poseidon then I'll buy the Poseidon.

Just look at Scuba Toys regulators, sort by price and you will see a lot of regulators are around the same price as the Jetstream and some are more expensive then the Xstream. Pop over to 'the' grey market site and the ScubaPro are the same price as the Jetstream.

Poseidon opened a distributor in Texas and are taking the North American market seriously. They are trying to be competitive with SsubaPro, Atomic, Zeagle, Apek, etc.

09-06-2010, 09:01
I remembered this post from a while that has some seemingly good info: