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09-10-2010, 12:55
Hello. I dive a DUI TLS 350 drysuit with the crushed neoprene booties. Because I haven't taken the time to pull the excess bootie out of my rock boot (leaving a crease or rumple) I have created wear spots in both booties on the heel, which results in a very wet sock and foot. It happened to the right foot in April 09 and I repaired it with regular Aquaseal. Last weekend, the left heel began to leak. :smiley5:

After visiting several stores in town for a tube of Aquaseal, I was referred to a hunting and fishing store. Upon request, they immediately handed me a tube of Aquaseal, but, um.... huh. It looked very different from the tubes I have used in the past.

This was Aquaseal UV and per the package it dries almost instantly and is cured by sunlight (partial or full). The packaging was geared to sportsman and identified its uses for repairing neoprene waders among the other wader materials. Well, I was desperate so I bought it.

Today, at 11:30am, I went out to the garage and applied the Aquaseal. It has a very different consistency to regular Aquaseal. It is very clear with a yellowish tint and thin. It reminded me of a tube of superglue. It began to "set" almost immediately upon application. Several times I had to wipe the nozzle with a towel to remove the hardened sealant. I applied it liberally to the heel of boot, being sure to go beyond the wear spot.

I placed my drysuit in the sun, sealant up.

At 12:30pm I went to check on the boots. (I did both for good measure). Both boots were completely dry and hard. I pushed a fingernail into the thickest portion of glue and could not get an indention. While I wouldn't call the dried area "soft, supple, and flexible" (as if it had not been repaired) mildly flexing the boot in that area did not crack or damage the Aquaseal or loosen the ends from the neoprene.

I pulled the drysuit on and stepped into the pool and hung out for up to 5 minutes. (At the lake, the wear spot was significant enough that my foot immediately began to feel wet upon entering the water. I felt five minutes was good to see if the seal was holding.) As a result, I ended up with two very very dry feet.

The tube of Aquaseal UV at the hunting/fishing store was $5.95, and it did indeed cure within a matter of minutes. I don't know if it would be a good product on non-crushed neoprene, but the crushed neoprene of drysuit boots seems to be an appropriate use.

I will be diving this weekend and will report back if the repair job failed.

Otherwise, if you need to repair crushed neoprene on a drysuit, this appears to be something that can be used during a surface interval, rather than the standard Aquaseal that has a very long cure time. It won't be the prettiest - the dried sealant is obvious - but for a bootie who cares.

Here is a link to Cabelas, where both products are sold, if you care to compare the two. I could not find either of these on the Aquaseal website... go figure.


More web researching:

Description of the UV Aquaseal - Accessories:

We now have a fast setting version of the famous Aquaseal. This new UV curing Aquaseal adhesive will set in seconds. McNett is known as an industry leader for introducing new and improved products and this is no exception. Aquaseal UV forms a stronger repair than other UV curing products and the smaller package is easier to carry with you. This has become the favorite choice to quickly repair waders, wet and dry suits and any material needing a fast repair. The Flexible nature of Aquaseal does not hinder motion and is one of the most abrasion resistant adhesives available. (http://www.riverbum.com/McNett-Aquaseal-UV-Cure-Adhesive/ (http://www.riverbum.com/McNett-Aquaseal-UV-Cure-Adhesive/))

So, it would appear that this UV is considered an appropriate choise for waders, wetsuits, and drysuits.