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09-23-2010, 05:03
Looks like a very interesting light:

Xtar D01 (http://www.sbflashlights.com/Xtar-Lights/Xtar-D01-p79.html)

Need another $30 for a charger and couple batteries on top of the $63 but still sub $100 for a 330 lumen light is pretty good.

09-23-2010, 13:06
Oh wow... yeah...

I got my Dorcy 220lumen for $47, but its 1/3 less than this. What I dont like about this that I like about the dorcy though is that the dorcy uses normal AAA batteries which are easily obtained anywhere and everywhere.

09-23-2010, 15:06

Based on a comment you made in my recreational diver thread and the types of postings you have been making recently on this forum , I strongly recommend you bypass this light and go straight to an entry level or used can light.

If you are going to begin dipping your toes into "tec" diving at any near future - even a single dive year, I think you will be happier in the long run with one light purchase rather than two.

The can light will give you a greater feeling of control and confidence when multi-tasking because one hand won't be dedicated to holding a piece of equipment (even with the lanyard around your wrist).

I borrowed a can light a few weeks ago at Table Rock, and while it was a nice can light and very very bright, what sold me was the convenience of having your light always under control (attached to your hand rather than gripped by your hand). I could still use my right hand without having to let my light dangle from my wrist. I could also more easily use both hand AND illuminate what I was working on.

As soon as that first dive was completed, I announced I wanted my own can light.

Post WTB ads on the boards, such as ScubaBoard, Here, and Deco Stop. People are selling can lights ALL the time for a fraction of the new price for the equivalent light.

HID lights are going much cheaper because more and more people are moving to LED. If you are okay with HID you can pickup a 21w HID for the price of a 10 or 12w LED.

In the last two weeks, there were at least 5 separate postings for both LED and HID can lights between SB and The DecoStop. The most expensive was $600, I'm sure it sold for a lot less.

I just bought a used Dive Rite 500 Series can light. I paid under 1/2 of the new 700 series can light package advertised on Dive Gear Express. The light is in pristine condition, the pouch still smells new. Someone saw me posting and talking lights on the Deco Stop and sent me a private PM inquiring if I would be interested in his light.

The hand held light that is now sitting in my gear box molting was a $100 light, 1/2 the price of the used 500 series, and has less than a dozen dives on it.

Something to think about. If you haven't thought you can afford a can light, you may want to start lurking the used boards.

09-23-2010, 15:19
On the other hand though, that 330lumen light would make a pretty awesome backup light.

I use a Oxycheq light sock with my dorcy's too which is pretty much the equivalent of a fabric goodman handle. Plus I can clip in my light so there's no chance of it falling out, which also conveniently allows me to turn it on and off!

Out of curiosity though gNats. You wear your light on your right hand? Is that DIR standard? I'd imagine that they'd have it on your left hand (like I do) so that you can illuminate what you're doing if the need arises.

09-23-2010, 16:05
Lenaxia, I wear my light on my right hand because it seemed to be natural and make sense.

Consider: My SPG and computer are on my left (computer on arm, SPG clipped off). I can use my left hand to hold my SPG and my right hand to illuminate it. Same with computer on my wrist.

Also, I am not a DIR member, so I had no idea they required the light on the left or not.

It's funny, though. Keep in mind, my tec rig is all very new to me. My original computer was air integrated. So, I couldn't wear it on my wrist, it clipped off my harness on the left. The wrist mount is brand spanking new.

The other day, I was commenting that I had to have longer arms to tec dive: my slate and my wrist computer took up the available space between my elbow and wrist. I have to have the slate on the left to write; however, I bet I could move the computer to the right and still push the necessary buttons.

(the left hand/arm is merely a dumb limb for me, not outright stupid.) LOL.

Because my right arm is the dominate one, the light made sense on the right. I may have to reconsider if this is indeed the way to go.

Thanks for asking. You have me thinking.

Are you DIR? Is that a standard? I don't want to debate or argue what is best or correct, but if you could provide any background as to the WHY on the left, it would help me understand my rig setup better.

Your SPG is on the right or does it glow in the dark really well? how does your left hand illuminate the face?

09-23-2010, 16:08
On the other hand though, that 330lumen light would make a pretty awesome backup light.

Yep, it would at that. If Straegen can find a way to DIY that into a passive handheld instead of an active handheld, it would be a great light until he is ready for the next light decision.

Did you catch the weight? I know that a goodman handle can be added to the Dive Rite 300-700 handhelds. I wonder what the length and weight would feel like?

09-23-2010, 16:54
You're significantly more experienced than me when it comes to diving, I only have something like 15 dives under my belt. Been working my way up slowly! I'm not DIR at all, though I'm working my way there, the left handed thing was just what felt most natural to me so that my left hand could support whatever my right hand was doing.

As with you, I have setup my gear primarily by what feels most comfortable for me.

With that being said, having the light on your right hand versus your left definitely makes sense if you need to look at your SPG. I only have an air integrated one at the moment, and it has a backlight so I don't need to use my light to illuminate it thus making one handed usage possible in low light.

I think we're in need of an expert at this point in time!

09-23-2010, 17:11
Ah - okay. Comfort. I wear my watch (when I did wear a watch) on the left. So, computer made sense to go there.

I belong to another forum filled with techies - cave and rebreather types. All DIR. They are providing me feedback on my rig setup now. I'll let you know of any revelations.

09-23-2010, 22:18
These are just backup lights and this one looks good for that purpose. I currently have an Intova Wide Angle and a Dorcy 220. I use them primarily for looking into holes and such. They make OK night dive lights for rec diving and I use the Oxycheq hand sock to keep them on my hand and out of it. When I get a bit more serious I am looking at this one:

Sartek Industries Product Details (http://sarind.com/proddetail.php?prod=LED6600C)

I also really like the looks of the Hog one with built in strobe:


but it is on recall for a problem with the orings.

09-29-2010, 04:40
It appears the HOG lights have been recalled due to problems (according to Dive Right In Scubas web site)

10-29-2010, 11:18
Well, I'm cruising old threads, and just saw this one. Anybody have this new light? Personally, I'm not a fan of switches vrs twist on lights. But I do like the fact that it uses the CR123A batteries. While not as available as AA or AAA, they do have a long shelf life, and can be bought in bulk reasonably.

While a can light is the ultimate for diving, it isn't all that practical to bring on a sport trip, or for just some light easy dives. I do have a light sock, and that is the way to go for a smaller light. But many times I just leave my light clipped to by harness. Where it's clipped off, I just use my right hand to point the light. If I need my right hand, I just drop the light. I don't have to worry about losing it, and it goes on every dive.

10-29-2010, 15:21
I have been considering ordering since it falls into my gear whore philosophy and budget. I like switches over twist lights as the flooding risk is decreased with a switch, but switches in cheap lights tend to fail.

Jack Hammer
10-29-2010, 21:02
My experience with lights has led my to only want backup lights that use cheap and easy to replace batteries like AA's or AAA's and are twist on. I also buy the 123 batteries in bulk for a low price but if I forget to pack some spares I'm stuck shelling out for very expensive replacements if I need them. Whereas it's pretty easy to find AA or AAA batteries most places for a reasonable price. Lights are constantly getting brighter and less expensive, I'd hold off on the light in the OP's post for something better.

My preference for a twist activated light is simple, I had my primary can light die inside a wreck and when I went to my switch activated backup I couldn't see, feel, or find the switch to turn it on (I dive cold waters and wear thick gloves). That essentially made it useless and like it wasn't there. Luckily my second backup light was a twist activated light and I had it on quickly. I know others with similars experiences.

To answer the other posters question of why DIR practitioners prefer the left hand for their lights, there are a few reasons. A strong one is if you need to donate the long hose in an emergency you want your right hand free to do it quickly without making things worse by blinding you and/or the donee and it saves a step (and a precious moment in a true OOG) if the light is already on your left hand. Most people prefer to communicate with their right hand (though you should be able to use either). They also do it so that your right hand is free to control a scooter if you use one. Many people seem to use their right hands more underwater than their left (YMMV).