View Full Version : Poseidon reps at Oronogo!

10-16-2010, 19:16
So here we are, doing the cavern class with John at Oronogo and he drops some news on us that I felt we should share: The Poseidon reps going to be at Oronogo next weekend demonstrating rebreathers. I don't have a lot more information than that, but if you are free (I'm not DAMMIT!!!!) and interested in rebreathers, you might want to give John a call and plan on being at Oronogo next weekend and try one out. :smiley20:

10-16-2010, 19:45
Just so happens we have a last minute dive plan and going to be Oronogo tomorrow Sunday the 17 Oct. We are going leave home early in the morning and plan to be there around noon. I would like to do a dive with ya it we can make work. Couple of us are doing sidemount in the new Hollis SM100D.