View Full Version : New Webbing for my B/P

10-25-2010, 14:19
I need to order replacement webbing for my harness. I got my B/P and wings from a little guy, and I'm 6'2", 250 LBS. I am wondering how much 2" webbing I need. Anyone have any complaints about the stuff ST carries?

10-25-2010, 15:16
I just recieved some from ST. It is great stuff I ordered blue. I bought 25 ft but had some other uses for it. You should be able to do it with about 12 ft.

10-25-2010, 16:23
The Oxycheq system which comes with 12' was more than enough for me and I am similarly sized. I do have abnormally broad shoulders so unless you cannot fit through a door, 12' should be plenty.

10-25-2010, 16:57
When I got the webbing for my Hog Harness, it was 12' also....

Jack Hammer
10-25-2010, 19:22
I usually start with 12' but it's not really that expensive to buy a few extra feet to play it safe. I say get 15', you can always use any extra to make a crotch strap or a weight belt. I've found extra webbing rarely goes to waste.