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10-29-2010, 07:31
I am hoping places like these do well, and more pop up.
Seems a wonderful idea. I have been in between insurance companies before and am sure many of you have been in your time, what did I do? I didn't go to the doctor unless I was really hurting. I think this could be a pretty good gap filler.

Not a fix all solution to the health care issue of course, but in my opinion stuff like this is more desirable than socialized medicine.

Health center for uninsured opens in Royal Oak - dailytribune.com (http://www.dailytribune.com/articles/2010/10/27/news/doc4cc83eb9eb50f857380773.txt)

10-29-2010, 20:45
[QUOTE=scubastud;419467]I am hoping places like these do well, and more pop up.

We have more of these in the state, I know of at least 4 within 1 1/2 hr of me.

10-31-2010, 00:17
We already have socialized medicine. I don't think many people understand how private insurance actually works in this country. You pay a premium when you are younger. If you get sick enough you are likely dropped as you cannot maintain your job or you hit annual/lifetime maximums and then go broke. If you do make it to 65-ish, you pick up socialized Medicare and the insurance company pockets the difference from when you started paying to when you turn 65. After X number of years, most people end up running out their savings and hitching onto Medicaid as they cannot afford annual 100k plus end of life care which creates an even worse living condition.

We have actually set up a system where insurance companies profit from denying/dropping coverage which is pretty asinine IMO. It is sad when 1 in 3 bankruptcies are caused by medical problems with people who had medical insurance during the start of the illness.