View Full Version : Veteran's Day

11-11-2010, 03:53
I hope my fellow veterans have a good day today.

11-11-2010, 05:50
Right back at you!

11-11-2010, 06:31
A big thanks to all our veterans from my family. :smiley20:

11-11-2010, 07:27
Thanks to all that serve our country! :smiley20:

11-11-2010, 08:18
Yes. This is not a day to ( like I just saw on facebook) bitch about getting today off, but not friday off.
From a schoolteacher.. what nerve, when vetrans are headed off to work both days, she wants to bellyache...

But most of of know what this day is about...

11-11-2010, 08:25
In memory of my Grandfather who served in France during World War II, a big thank you to all of you who served.

Lineman Larry
11-12-2010, 08:48
Had a goo day yesterday... Back to Back 60ft dives off West Palm Beach...