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12-10-2010, 10:15
Need some advice on the Bahamas. I'll be in Nassau Providence island and looked at Stuart Cove for diving. My significant other however does not dive.
Does anybody know of a private operator that does "shallow dives" or go snorkeling that allows a diver on board.
I don't like Stuart Coves response:

For our dives, you can still be diving in water that will be about 45 feet. So it will not be good for snorkeling.

The best is for you to go out on the dive boat, and your significant other go out on the snorkeling boat. Please remember; we do not allow divers on our snorkeling boat.


Bob Kay

Stuart Cove’s

12-10-2010, 12:24
I doubt you'll find a snorkel excursion that will allow divers. Even if you brought your own gear - where would you get a tank? On Nassau afaik there are no diveops that rent tanks for private use - there's almost no shore diving there. Also there's different crew training, insurance requirements, emergency training etc. required for a dive operator.

Try Bahama Divers - they do these dives daily. They're also in Nassau - BD is near the bridge to Paradise Island. Stuart Cove's is a 30-45 min shuttle ride to the south side. Bahama Divers Home Page (http://www.bahamadivers.com/index.htm)


One of the most filmed reef in the world, used during several James Bond films. The outstanding feature is the magnificent stand of Elkhorn and Staghorn corals. The full gamut of dazzling reef fish also abounds on the 25' deep reef. The reef starts in 5' of water so it is excellent for snorkelers as well as divers.


Another site also filmed during many movies. This site is known for its fantastic snorkeling and shallow diving alike. Schools of Yellowtail snappers and sergeant majors are known to frequent this area. You can also find groupers and squirrel fish as well as the occasional Barracuda here as well.