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12-10-2010, 13:52
I recently took my Sealife camera and strobe into my LDS as I had flooded the strobe. I figured I had done something wrong but, SURPRISE!!!, Sealife replaced the strobe with a complete new unit. This on an outfit that was at least 2 years old. I've noticed on some forums that Sealife kind of gets run down as being a less than professional camera but I'm here to say I've taken lots of decent pics with mine and am very satisified with their customer service. I sold my first camera, a small Reefmaster, to a fellow diver and it's still going strong. Wish I had kept it now. LET'S DIVE!!!

12-11-2010, 05:45
Have had nothing but excellent customer service from SeaLifes Tech department. Same thing, had an issue with my camera and called them. I was leaving for Mexico in 2 weeks. They said to get it to them and they would try to get it back to me before my trip. A week later got a package in the mail and it was a brand new camera. I emailed them to determine if this was a loaner until I got my camera back and they said keep it, they didn't want me to be without a camera for my trip.

I only know one other place you get customer service like this. I can't say who because it would cause Larry's head to get too large.


12-15-2010, 13:34
AGREED!!! I work in customer service with fire departments who call in and need parts for their trucks. You can bet when it comes time for a department to buy a new truck, past problems with service and parts availability comes up. If you strive to provide service as professionally as possible, price usually takes a back seat. I know I'll usually look at a low ball price for something and wonder why. Service after the sale if what makes the next sale happen. Buying cheap usually comes with a hidden cost. Just my .02 cents.....

12-15-2010, 14:01
I have a sealife camera also. Good to see posts like this.

12-15-2010, 14:20
My battery cartridge cracked on my 3+ year old Sealife strobe. I contacted them to buy a new one and the customer service rep sent me the new upgraded cartridge for free. Received it 3 days after my call. I can't say enough good things about Sealife's customer service.

Diver Kat
12-15-2010, 21:09
Same here .... my DC800 was past warranty and the housing buttons kept sticking. After seeing someone else post here about Sealife's great customer service, I decided to call. They had me ship the camera & housing for them to look at. I was also leaving in 2 weeks for a trip but they said they would get it back to me on time. The rep forgot to notate to expedite shipping, so when I got the tracking notice, it was set to arrive the day I left for the trip. I called them back to see if they maybe could contact the shipper. Instead they air-shipped me a loaner camera. Ended up my camera and the loaner arrived together the night before we left. So I was able to take my own camera with me. They sent me a shipping label to send the loaner back, and didn't charge me anything for the new housing they sent to me with my camera. So even out of warranty, all it cost me to get everything back working was the initial shipping to them. Pretty darn good deal!!

chilly willy
12-17-2010, 07:09
After reading your post I called Sealife to find out if they had a solution for my Reefmaster Mini that would freeze up on occasion when I would power it up during a dive. They asked me if I could do without it until April and if so they would give me the new model that is replacing the Mini. I told them I had no receipt and it was 2 yrs old, but they said no problem send it in. The issue is apparently a firmware glitch that can't be fixed. Awsome customer service!

01-24-2011, 21:49
Just adding more SeaLife love....bought my DC1000 from Scubatoys back in March - at some point during the summer, the delete button started sticking as soon as the camera got wet, without me ever pressing the button.

It happened often enough to be a PITA but randomly enough that I put up with it for a few months...finally decided to send it in for service - and today, only two weeks later - I got a brand new housing in the mail!

The first camera had been on over 100 dives - and was fairly scratched and beaten up - I never thought they would just replace it! They even replaced the lens cover I lost like the first time I took the camera out!

Think I'll try harder to keep this one nice and shiny for a longer time.....Thanks, SeaLife - you rock!

01-25-2011, 07:15
In 57 posts I will be in the market for a sealife camera, had a buddy that had one, took good pics.. a lot better than the pictures i am taking now....with my head

01-25-2011, 07:43
Hey fireplug... I think there is a rule, if commenting on your camera ya have to attach a photo or two :smiley2:

Let's see some! :smiley20:

01-28-2011, 19:33
I had an issue with my Sealife DC500 camera and sent it in to Sealife and they supposed fixed it and sent it back to me. Unforunately it never made it and after a month of waiting I contacted them stating that it never made it and they sent me another one, it was probably refurbished though, but it was the fact that they had great customer service and had no problems replacing the lost unit.

02-13-2011, 20:11
Here's a couple of pics of my dive buddy Rob. Underwater on the U-352. On the sun deck, he's the rather homely cuss on the right. We went out with Discovery Divers. Stayed in their bunk house, which I recommend, and had a great dive weekend.

02-27-2011, 22:58
they just sent mine back they day they got it in, with a new strobe(firing issue) and housing (crack issue) never asked how it happen or if I banged it on something.

04-10-2011, 20:08
Since my initial post on my Sealife camera experience, I've been to the Florida Keys and used my newly updated rig. In the past 6 months Sealife has replaced my camera, housing and strobe for a total of $210. Completely out of warranty and very quick service. Kept me appraised via e-mail throughout. Only concern I had was when I put my camera rig in the camera bucket and saw quite a few bubbles escaping. Held my breath, turned everything on and had no problems. Had it down to 90' and still dry as a bone. Great service, great price. Sealife has a customer for life. Thanks.

04-12-2011, 19:03
Hubby has a new sealife dc1200. in Bonaire when the camera was a mere 2 months old, the o ring fell out between dives. did not notice it until we were at 7 ft deep..... flooded.... bad words... tears....(from me) dead camera...

called sealife upon arrival to the states. we thought maybe they would allow us to purchase a new camera.... NO!! they asked for us to send it to them and they replaced it with an updated model. apparently there was a design flaw that caused the o ring to fall out. the new camera is excellent and they have a customer for life!!! and oh yes...I bought the camera at scuba toys!!!