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ScubaToys Larry
07-13-2007, 14:41
In our position, we have been privileged to work with and meet some of the most important people in this industry. At times, people may have a specific question about a manufacturers products, but feel intimidated contacting them directly with a stupid question. As we've said in other areas - there are no stupid questions.

If our users can answer your question, I'm sure they will. Or we can take a swing at it... but if it's something even more specific, we are in the lucky situation that we have a direct conduit to some of the people who can give you the actual facts.

Michael over at Apollo has been a long time friend of ours, the whole crew from the Aeris / Oceanic / Hollis group, from Dan, the president, Doug Krause and Mike Hollis who I had the pleasure of spending time with in Australia, and our rep... what's his name... All these guys will be glad to answer any questions that you need a solution to.

We also have great contacts with the folks from Tusa, Phil over at Mares, and Zeagle questions can always be fielded by our good friend in Florida, Scott.

So please feel free to post up any specific questions you have in the appropriate sub forum here, and if you don't get a good answer soon - shoot me a PM and I'll track down the proper answer from the horses mouth.

Thanks for participating in the ScubaToys forum!