View Full Version : Tourism Canada video for Kingston, ON

01-05-2011, 13:35
I recently found a video made by a local dive charter for Canada Tourism.


The Wolfe Islander II is the boat most people in my area use for AOW training. It is an okay wreck but there are even better sites to dive.

01-05-2011, 13:43
Looks interesting... Only one thing holding me back - THE COLD!!!

I rarely dive here in BC and we're rated among the top dive destinations in the world!

01-05-2011, 13:50
You definitely won't want to dive the Wolfe Islander II then. I got my AOW there in May. The water was a balmy 55F at the top of the wreck. As I went down to the deck it felt like someone was dipping me in ice water. When I got back on the boat I checked my computer and it recorded a temperature of 45F. Brrr.

You might like going a little further east and diving the St. Lawrence River. Around July/August the temperature of the water is around 75F to 80F.