View Full Version : Suunto d6/vyper 2 opinions please

09-13-2007, 22:14
Thinking of getting one of these computers. I have a oceanic datamax and a suunto gekko that i currently use. I think i'm going to sell the gekko and upgrade to something with the deeper algorithm and gas switching. Any opinions on these 2?

09-14-2007, 14:55
The consensus is that the compass is fine on land and marginal underwater. I am not too fond of the martix display.

The algorithm is not deeper. It allows for deep stops, gas switching, and reducing the conserativeness, all of which are really only useful when doing planned deco dives. Otherwise I think they have added in extras that most do not need.

I think the std vyper, cobra (which I have used) are better for the $$.

09-14-2007, 15:16
I too chose the Vyper over the Vyper II.


09-14-2007, 15:30
why don't you consider Vytec instead?

09-14-2007, 15:34
Go for the Atom 2.0 and a compass.

You know it works!

09-14-2007, 19:39
What type of diving your going to be doing? Rec or Tech?

You want a watch style computer or something like your gekko with upgrades?

I would keep the Gekko as you wont get much for it. Good backup computer same algorithm. Also good as a gauge if doing deco work

If your looking at going deeper and doing deco work I would put my money towards a VR3. ST now sells them. But if your only doing Rec work D6/D9 are nice as a watch dive computer. I would look towards the Vytec and Vytec DS version as it offers more. I dont like the Cobra as its AI.

You have to really think about what you going to use it for now and in the future and decide whats best for you.


09-15-2007, 10:08
why don't you consider Vytec instead?

Actually I have the Vytec DS and bought it because of the options for planned deco dives. I did not care about the wireless transmission. For general recreational diving it is also over kill. Unless you want the wireless.

09-15-2007, 10:58
I dive with the Vytec DS.

I thought the D9 and the D6 looked really cool. :smiley20:

Then I thought about trying to read the numbers underwater. :smiley21:

At nearly 50, the Vytek DS won out because I wanted to be able to see the display.


09-15-2007, 21:52
My Wife and I both dive with Vypers and absolutely love them. I don't think you'll go wrong with either a vyper or the vyper 2.

09-16-2007, 08:16
I do plan on using it for planned deco dives. I like the 4 button display, and i like the compass for the limited amount I use it that is what has caught my eye on the vyper 2 vs the vytech. I do not want air integraed or wireless, and I feel that is what I am paying for on the vytec.

09-25-2007, 06:19
I just got the vyper2 about a week ago. I have 8 dives on it so far and I really like it. I had the gekko. I switched to it for the second mix option , Back light, Deep stops, PC interface and Gauge mode. The Suunto Dive manager software is really cool too.