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01-15-2011, 20:12
Sorry Brian, I meant to send the info in this message to you a long time ago.

My kids have been on a FIRST LEGO League (FLL) team for four years now. I coached the first year, but then started organizing the state tournament so I had to turn the coaching over to my wife and BIL. The team had been improving from year to year and this year, they beat out 57 other teams to win the Oklahoma Championship Tournament. The won an invitation to the US Open in San Diego in May of this year.

FLL is a robotics program for 9-14 year old kids. They have about three months to build and program a robot using LEGO Mindstorm technology. The robot has to complete around 14 missions on a 4'x8' table. The robots can use touch sensors, light sensors, ultrasonic sensors, motors, a programmable "brick" and any LEGO piece ever created.

On competition day, the kids compete in four different areas: robot performance, technical presentation, teamwork task, and project presentation. The teams have to identify a real world problem as related to the theme for the year and find a solution. They also have to share their solution with their community. Awards are given for all four areas and the grand champion is the team with the best score in all four areas.

I have created a Facebook page for the team. They have some serious fund raising to do to get ready for the US Open. Please "like" their page and if you would like to help out with a donation, please contact me.

2008 Smarties | Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=29784&id=144837925574942&saved#%21/pages/T-town-Smarties-FLL-Team/144837925574942)