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09-13-2007, 23:14
If you are bored...here was my little adventure last week - enjoy...

I haven't been on vacation in a couple years. So boy was I ready to get out of town and dive for a full 8 days in a location that I have never been. I had decided just a week before to join one of my girl friends on this trip to Roatan.
So with total excitement we headed to DFW on Saturday, Sept. 1st. - Flew to Roatan, Honduras for a supposed week of multi-dives and parties with other. We met some great folks on the shuttle to the resort, which turned out to be a bonus - because these folks let me use their cell phones and lap tops, offered their air miles and were willing to share rooms when we were evacuated (note to self, get a cell phone that works in Central America or carry a lap top to know what is all going on)!

Sunday - got 2 dives in and then a small group of us took a shuttle and water taxi (canoe that holds 10 and will capsize!) to this place called "The Hole in the Wall" (and it was). Its owned by a guy from the US who's been in Roatan for 20+ years. It was all you can eat lobster and steak (the steak didn't look like it so I gave it to the 2 dogs hanging out!). The lobster was fabulous - all for 20.00 and only on Sunday. We returned at 5:30pm and quickly changed for a tropical attire contest party.

Sunday night (5:00-7:00) was the tropical attire contest and I got runner up - got a free canopy tour, dive light, shirt, etc. Then at 7:30pm, we heard we were being evacuated to a house in the hills (the ex-owner of resort), then it was changed to a mandatory evacuation. So the guy putting on this trip started handing out all the prizes he had (it paid to be sitting in the lobby bar drinking Salva Vida beer with random people)!

Monday - 8:00am we went to the Roatan airport where we hung out for 2.5 hours - thank goodness for Salva Vida beer and water! ;-) We were evacuated about 1:00pm by charter to San Pedro Sula - camera crews were everywhere. When we landed - it was a free for all to get a flight out of dodge. By the time my friend, Tammy, and I got to the front of the Taca line, all flights were sold out until Wednesday or Thursday. Then the reservationish said she had a flight at 4:45pm to San Salvador (it was 4:30pm)- we had 15 minutes to get our bags checked and to the plane - the bag check took 14 of those 15 minutes. So the guy escorted (ok ran) Tammy and I to the gate. I feel sorry for the people sitting on each side of me, since I was just sweating...ummm, glistening. :-)

Tammy got stuck in the very back where the flight attendant told her that the town of San Salvador was 45 minutes from the airport (ok great, this adventure will continue)...

Once we got off the plane...I think the best thing is Tammy and I looking at each other and saying, 'Where the hell is San Salvador?!' (note to self, study geography prior to anymore trips)! Of course, Tammy and I are laughing through this whole thing.

So what does a girl do...go to duty free, buy a huge bottle of Flora de Cana rum (the best), use my choppy Spanish to figure out a hotel or hunker down in a corner at the airport, since it is now dark outside. We met a native El Savadorian who lived in NY for 18 years, so his english was great and he helped us out (note to self, get those darn Spanish lessons underway)!

We ended up getting a room where the flight crew stays, its the only hotel 5 minutes from the airport. It was called the Quality Hotel (not Inn) - it was a 5 star and was nice (so if future travels take you to El Salvador, keep that in mind). I think there were maybe 15-20 people total staying there.

We went to the bar (of course) where they had a huge flat screen, so we could watch the weather channel and get some updates on hurricane Felix.

In the bar, we ended up meeting a guy and his wife (who was visiting him) and found out a few from our finest were stationed there. So about 12 of us (guys and gals) ended up playing water volleyball (great pool with net) and partying like rock stars with that rum and beer.

Tuesday - We were at the airport by 7:00am and after a short stop in Belize, made it back to Houston and customs (of course Tammy and I walk into the customs line for non-Americans...we got razzed when we got to the front of the line - all in good fun and at that point nothing would have fazed us)! AA got us back to Dallas without a problem, so all is good!

Now I really do need a vacation and I'm ready to try a few more countries in Central American! :-)

09-14-2007, 06:56
It sounds like you both had quite a memorable adventure. It makes a every day vacation seem "ho-hum". I can see the both you on teh plane looking at each other and saying "Where the he** is San Salvador?"
Weather can really screw up a dive trip.

09-14-2007, 07:48
Well,.... sounds like you planned a dive trip and came away with a true adventure.

09-14-2007, 10:02
^ yep :)

09-14-2007, 13:00
Boy it makes my evacuation from Cozumel prior to Dean look really simple compared to that! At least my flight made it to the USA. And I did know where Charlotte, NC was :)

09-14-2007, 13:36
Just wanted to give you guys a laugh (and I probably scared anyone from wanting to travel with me in the future)! :-)

09-16-2007, 22:09
It sounds like you both had quite a memorable adventure. It makes a every day vacation seem "ho-hum". I can see the both you on teh plane looking at each other and saying "Where the he** is San Salvador?"
Weather can really screw up a dive trip.

well, I recently returned from vacation from Jamaica where we got hit by the cat 4 (at the time and turned cat 5) hurricane "dean"... Luckly we got hit on the last day we were supposed to leave. so we got plenty of opportunity to go divig. unfortunatly we got stranded on the island for 5 days after the storm hit trying to get home... do you feel sorry for me? and yah I got more opportunity to go diving. Here is the best part. we were staying in sandals all inclusive. they have a hurricane guarantee. Now we have a free trip to go back for free. Now, If I can only decide which samdals to go to. any suggestions?

09-20-2007, 22:41
Coralcrazed -

What a cool deal for you!!!

Glad you were safe and now have a free trip...enjoy! I can promise you, I will get back to Roatan...too much to still check out. :smiley2: