View Full Version : Clear Springs vs. Athens Park

01-19-2011, 15:10
I want to get my newly certified daughter some experience locally before headed to the carribbean. I have never been to either park -

Can someone provide pros and cons to each of the parks?

01-19-2011, 15:25
Clear Springs - Larger, Deeper (max 60ft-ish), fish, tank fills and gear rental

Athens - nice area, shallow, no fish, water is treated - could bleach gear- reports of changing hair color (if light colored hair or dyed)

Given you profile says you are from the San Antonio area you might want to check out Mammoth Lake (scuba Park) or your daughter might like Aquarena Springs.

01-19-2011, 16:37
Athens is bath water warm in the summer. Visibility is terrible. Very easy to silt-up. Won't be able to see your own fin. Normally visibility is about arm's length. No vegetation. No fish. Little to see. Air fills are $5.

CSSP is colder; you'll need 3mm or 5mm wetsuit. Fish, including the albino catfish. Vegetation. Many platforms to dive on when not used by classes. The airplane is the most interesting dive at 30 feet; it's a swim through. Several other sunken boats and the coffin. Air fills are $8

I've not been to Mammoth. I hope to get there this summer. It is brand new and opened 2009.

Aquarena Springs requires that you attend a course. I believe the cost is $200. It is part of a university and it is a research area. The course teaches you how to volunteer there as a research diver.

03-01-2011, 15:41
I dove both several times. Have had good and bad visibility at both depending on the amount of rain.

I like taking new divers to Athens because it is shallow and warm. There is not any fish or plant life but there are a number of swim throughs and sunken treasures to see. It is a clay/silt bottom that can cause viz problems if you kick it up. I have never seen a problem with gear bleaching or hair problems. We come down from Kansas and like their dive shop and rental gear.

CSSP is deeper and colder, but usually better visibility. I have never rented there so I don't know about their quality or availability. They do have onsite air which is higher than Athens.

I thought the staffs at both places are equally friendly and neither had great dressing/showering facilities.

I have never had to make a decision because we usually dive both when we make the trip. If we do pick one over the other, it is based on water temp or viz.