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01-20-2011, 13:38
Hey guys i need some help comingup with an idea to get my wife. She is coming up on her 10 year anniversary at her job. She works in fraud investigations and loves. So i thought it would be cool for me to do a little something for her. The easy part is the lfowers of course but i am looking for something for her to use at work. She already has the basics of a nameplate and etc and i mentioned like a planner or organzier but with smart phones and outlook that is not needed.

Any ideas?

01-20-2011, 15:06
I wonder if there is anyone selling stock certificates from a busted ponzi scheme. You could get her one of those to frame and hang on her wall as a joke. Or you might be able to generate something that looks legitimate but the names on it would be incredibly, obviously fake by using a certificate printing program.

01-20-2011, 16:05
Good for her, buddha, and how nice of you! She deserves a medal!

SEMO Scuba
01-20-2011, 20:56
My wife is a certified fraud examiner. This website may have something that she might like.

Product Category (http://eweb.acfe.com/eweb/dynamicpage.aspx?webcode=catdetail&cat=3426D82E-34BD-45BF-A71E-51A9F6F1F931)