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01-24-2011, 14:24
We are looking at a older (late70s) boat, which will be big enough for semi rough days on the reefs and fit great for deep sea fishing(no 800+ plus charters for me) It will also fit for diving with a strong platform added and a ladder.

IT does need alittle TLc, the paint could use a new coating, maybe a new fishfiner/GPS. Not sure if t he radio works, but I will be adding a good offshore marine radio for sure(safety come first) all I need is to break down or run aground with no radio. The good part the guy went through the mounter(inboard 350) and rebuilt the top end, changed out the carbs and alot of other stuff.

He said it is real strong and he is selling it because he stopped his charters last year.

First question
what type a paint should one use when painting the outside haul of a boat for salt water?
Second any recommendation on what type of radio to buy? This will be used for fishing and diving out on the reefs(3to7 miles of shore) so quality is a must.

also any floridens got a idea of the cost to tag a 26 foot boat down here. ALOT I AM GUESSING

Not 100% sure we are going with it. but these questions are part of figuring if it is the right boat for us.

01-31-2011, 13:49
Ran across this if you are still looking. Scroll down to the bottom and check out the Nauti Diver. Might be worth a look:

Panama City Dive Charter's Current Fleet of Dive Boats (http://www.panamacitydivecharters.com/Dive_Boats.html)

01-31-2011, 16:05
What model boat is it?

01-31-2011, 22:02
I would start with a survey. It is worth the few hundred bucks to know what you're getting. Also, most insurance companies won't insure an older boat like that without a survey.

What paint are you talking about? If you mean bottom paint, you'll want a good ablative paint to stop gunk from growing on it. Fiberglass boats usually don't have paint above the water line; the color is gel-coat. I would check with West Marine for what they recommend.

As for the radio, I think Icom makes the best radios for the money. Be sure to buy new; there is a new law that started this month that you can't legally install a vhf radio that doesn't have the current version of DSC calling (one-button distress calling; the new version also receives all other boats' distress signals).

There are a lot of good deals on boats in FLA; I wouldn't rush into an old boat unless it is really nice. I almost drove down there last year to buy a 25' diesel powered Steigercraft for $15k. Also, I'm a fan of either diesel inboards or 4-stroke outboards. The boat you are describing will probably suck some serious gas. Outboards on a bracket are great because they open up the back deck space, and you can never have a big enough dance floor.

01-31-2011, 23:29
we so far have optied to wait, though I have my Eye on a newer (then the old boat) outboard 150 center console, it is only 22 foot but 3600 and ready to go, might go that route, but dad is really thinking about waiting and selling our house in indiana and going with a nice boat in the 10 to 20k range, SHHH mom does not know he wants a 10-20k boat yet. I am sure he will pull up and the price will have dropped in half between him buying it and getting home. LOL he once bought a boat while she was having foot surgery and quickly whisked her off to the dock with her newly cut on foot, wrapped with enough pain killers not to think about the price. LOL

01-31-2011, 23:32
I booked marked it just in case, thanks,
Ran across this if you are still looking. Scroll down to the bottom and check out the Nauti Diver. Might be worth a look:

Panama City Dive Charter's Current Fleet of Dive Boats (http://www.panamacitydivecharters.com/Dive_Boats.html)

Lake Michijim
02-01-2011, 07:24
You might want to consider taking the USCG boaters safety class. Have you considered sonar? GPS?