View Full Version : Seafood pizza

01-30-2011, 19:06
All my life I have had a love of guess what pizza, i HAVE GROWN TO HATE chain pizza crap,

So I have started making my own, not the best but better then dominoas.

I go for cheese steak, bbq chicken and itatiln brats, and regular when my dad ***tchs about the bbq

I am thinking of a kind of healthy, minus the dough(which is normally paper thin, taste the meat not the dough is my moto) and the layers of cheese(low fat mozz though)

I am thinking small sea or bay scallops, shrimp all over it, some kind of fish(any ideas) and or lobster on it, of course these would be caught lobster(not putting 100 worth of lobster on a pizza, with alfredo and or some white sauce for

any ideas as to what kind of fish to use or if any of it would be worth eating

01-30-2011, 20:12
Anchovies :)

John Yaskowich
01-31-2011, 13:28
Quite a few years ago I had a pizza with shrimp and dried appricots on it. Wonderful. I don't remember what else was on it and the resturant is long gone.