View Full Version : Anyone dive the Army Tanks in the Gulf?

07-13-2007, 16:13
Has anyone dove the Army Tanks in the Gulf of Mexico. I know there are a few different locations of tanks, some out of Sarasota and more out of St Pete.
<DIV>I have wanted to dive the Tanks for a while. Just curious what kind of condition they are in? Do they hold much fish life? Can you dive more than one Tank at a time? Are the close enough to each other to see them all in one dive or does it require a few drops?</DIV>
<DIV>If possible I would love to see some pics! My Google search came up empty for pics...</DIV>

07-16-2007, 14:14
You can get to some tanks from Destin or Pensacola, too. I think there's one site the has a couple together.
<DIV>http://www.mbtdivers.com/index.html- check their dive sites page</DIV>
<DIV>Either one can give you more info.</DIV>

07-31-2007, 16:20
I have dove the Tanks out of sarasota. There in 70ft of water.
The day i dove them i could see one tank from the surface. The water
clarity was great. But you can not see them all at once. They are
seperated apart by 100 ft. There is a stone trail conecting them.
Its a nice place to dive, but they are hard to find.